Between 24 March and 2 April 2020, each day we released one free Stretch Therapy video program! Find them all at 10-free-videos-over-10-days/.

Among the 10 programs are stretching classes, mobility sequences, bodyweight strength sessions from the Monkey Gym, and long-held lower body stretching exercises. All programs are follow along.

A number of the videos have additional explanatory material (in text), and links to related articles and reference documents.

You can view the videos at the above webpage – simply click on the ‘Play’ symbol at bottom left of each video – but you cannot download them from there. However, if you click on the word ‘Vimeo’ at bottom right of each video it will take you to Vimeo itself, and there you will find a Download option.

These videos will stay live and available (free!).

Full list of the 10 videos

Video 1: Kit’s “Rolling around on the floor” class – 70 minutes
Video 2: Long-held hip flexor stretch – 33 minutes
Video 3: Mobility session, Charlottesville – 37 minutes
Video 4: BodyLine circuit – 39 minutes
Video 5: Long-held piriformis stretch – 28 minutes
Video 6: Liv’s whole-body stretching class – 46 minutes
Video 7: Outer hamstring stretch – 18 minutes
Video 8: Mobility session, Melbourne – 28 minutes
Video 9: Pancake moving sequence – 17 minutes
Video 10: BodyLine circuit – 39 minutes


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