19 March 2018

Thank you, Kit, for the Stretch Therapy Community that you have established, and for all your expert teachings over many, many years. May there be loads more to come.


Kit will be taking a sabbatical from teaching for the whole of 2019. He will not be presenting any ST workshops next year.

If you are keen to attend a workshop with Kit, 2018 is your year! Find the schedule at stretchtherapy.net/workshops-schedule/

More details …

In 2019 in Australia, we will definitely offer our usual programs at ST HQ in Greenwell Point (NSW). That is, Teacher Intensive Part B in March, and Into the Stretch plus Deeper Into the Stretch plus Teacher Intensive Part A commencing the Friday of the October long weekend.

The Intensives are held in the Greenwell Point Monkey Gym, which is the whole ground floor of our house, so Kit will be present for these two sessions. Apart from these, Kit will not be teaching in 2019.

Will there be any other ST workshops offered in 2019?

Very likely, yes! Details will be announced as they are finalised.

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