We’ve decided to trial shipping ‘baby whales’ outside Australia!

Updated 2 May 2018 (original post date 17 January 2017)

We are no longer selling baby whales.

We know that many of you who are based outside Australia are keen to purchase your own baby whale. We’ve investigated the options, and are pleased to announce that we will trial shipping outside Australia.


– Your order will be fully trackable online.
– Delivery within four weeks maximum; more likely only 2–3.


Here are indicative* prices by region. These reflect the total price – baby whale plus shipping – in Australian dollars.

United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East
Total price: $335

United States, Canada, and Asia
Total price: $300

New Zealand
Total price: $275

How do I order?

1. Email Olivia at o_p1@mac.com with your full shipping address.
2. *A PayPal invoice will be issued detailing the confirmed final price to ship to you.
3. Payment of the PayPal invoice will trigger the dispatch of your baby whale!
4. Details will be emailed so you can track your delivery online.

For Australian customers …

You can order your baby whale direct from this website at stretchtherapy.net/eshop/baby-whale/

Baby whales come fully assembled, screwed and glued, and finished with 100% natural decking oil.

A baby whale will last for years – we are still using the first ones, now over ten years old – and they look beautiful. Every home needs one! They make a great present, too.

Daily use of one of these will help you avoid, and even overcome, kyphosis (increased curvature of the thoracic spine). This problem has become much more common in the era of the smartphones and working at a computer while sitting down: curved spines and head-forward postures are becoming normal.

Reverse the effects of daily life by lying back over one of these for a few minutes daily.

Watch our YouTube video showing how to use at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaRt2WML3LA

The Anti-Ageing trilogy of exercises is 1) a hip flexor stretch (solo or partner), 2) a pec. minor stretch (solo or partner) and a few minutes lying backwards over the Baby Whale. Your body will thank you for it!

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