28 July 2020

Begin meditation with Kit Laughlin

There’s an old Zen saying, not attributed to anyone in particular, that goes like this: “You should meditate for 20 minutes a day. If you are too busy to sit for 20 minutes, though, you should sit for an hour.” You get the idea. And in the current era, more and more people are thinking that perhaps meditation is something they could be trying. So, assuming you have decided that you would like to try to meditate, how do you begin?

Kit has written a short introduction, ‘Begin meditation’; there is a text version and an audio version as well, depending on the way you best learn. In addition to this introduction we include the video “How to sit for meditation”; Kit recommends the “Burmese position” and this is what the video demonstrates. And if sitting on the floor is not possible for you, then by all means sit in a chair—what you do is way more important than the way you are sitting.

Instructions – text version:

Instructions – audio version:

How to sit for meditation – video on Vimeo:

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