Stretching & Pregnancy – Relaxation Script, Kit Laughlin

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This recording features the script from the book Stretching & Pregnancy. It features Kit Laughlin presenting an 18-minute version of Take a break, with gentle Pacific Ocean sounds in the background.

18 minutes, 12MB, mp3

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This is the script from the book Stretching & PregnancyTake a break is especially designed to be used in lying or sitting positions, essential for the later stages of pregnancy.

Help yourself to relax completely – a break for you and the baby-to-be. This is the easiest practise to do, and has marvellous effects on both the body and the mind.

The recording can be used by all members of the family to help develop the all-important capacity to relax.


What are the benefits of relaxation?

The research into the processes and outcomes of developing the capacity to relax is unanimous – healing proceeds faster, potentially life-threatening conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure) are reduced, growth and repair are accelerated, and you feel better.

Acquiring the capacity to relax is simply the best remedy to the many stressors in life. These affect our bodies through the ‘fight-or-flight’ syndrome which is mediated though the sympathetic nervous system. Relaxation accesses a parallel set of responses through the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts to calm many of our bodies’ internal processes.


How to use the relaxation techniques

The first way to use the relaxation tape is before going to bed. Try using the relaxation tape one night, but make sure that you don’t fall asleep. Once you hop into bed, you will notice that you fall asleep virtually immediately. And if the relaxation practice has been successful, you will wake up the next day feeling completely refreshed.

Another way to use the relaxation tape is to do the relaxation practice after you have done your other strengthening and stretching exercises. Doing this (assuming that you have the time) will leave you feeling wonderfully calm and refreshed, and will usually leave you with more energy than doing the strengthening and stretching exercises by themselves. However, if your general state is fatigued, doing the relaxation exercises can leave you feeling even more tired than before. This is because, during the relaxation practice, your body has a chance to relax completely – and if you are tired your body simply wants to sleep. Use this as an indication that you might need more rest generally.

The third way to use the relaxation exercise is before you do your stretching and strengthening exercises. Try using relaxation before your stretching and strengthening exercises on one day. On another day, try it afterwards. See which affects you the more

On a day when you are rushed and feeling frazzled, just do the relaxation practice. Leave the strenuous strengthening and stretching exercises for another day and simply enjoy the feeling of being completely relaxed.