Updated 16 March (original post 5 March 2018)

Thanks to everyone for being part of last week’s Festival of the Front Line. For ease of future reference, here’s a compilation of all the material.

Day 1 – Floor lunge hip flexor, solo PLUS Standing hip flexor, solo


Day 3 – Lunge hip flexor, ‘practitioner’ PLUS Floor hip flexor, partner


Day 6 – Wall quad/hip flexor, solo and partner PLUS Partner lying quad


Original post, 5 March 2018

Welcome to the Festival of the Front Line!

Over the next 7 days we will explore a series of exercises that stretch the front line of the body. This is perhaps the most-important sequence as an antidote to ‘modern’ life.

Too much of daily life spent sedentarily and in a slumped posture can definitely lead to tightness/shortening of all the muscles on the front side of the body.

Evolutionarily speaking, this shape is hardwired as a protective mechanism (to guard the throat, chest/abdominal region, and groin). This hunched-over shape is the new ‘normal’ for many people: it is not desirable, for a raft of reasons.

During most workshops Kit Laughlin will suggest that perhaps stretching the hip flexors could be the answer to the world’s problems … he’s only half-joking! Tight hip flexors alone can be the cause of lower back pain; shortened pec. minor rounds the shoulders; and increased thoracic curvature guarantees a head-forward posture. We can think of a few world leaders whose views would be markedly changed by a partner HF stretch…

Our colleague Dave Wardman @physicalalchemy talks about the need for an ‘un-foetalling’ or ‘de-prawnification process’, to undo the non-desirable shape that these labels describe. [You’ll find Dave in some of the videos in the festival, too.]



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