Our plans for many new Stretch Therapy online programs


Beginners programs

For historical reasons, we decided to make the Mastery series our first pay-download series, but our unique expertise is working with complete beginners, and we have extensive experience in this area. As Kit often says, beginners need the best teachers; and, this has been the mainstay of our system for 30 years. We are really excited about these programs.

Absolute Beginner’s Stretching Series

Full series is now available – Parts 1, 2 and 3!

Go HERE to secure significant discounts for all Parts!

Then, Intermediate – final format TBC, however Intermediate will introduce partner exercises. Later, we will release many, many follow-along sessions which will be variants of the Beginner and Intermediate programs: these sessions will offer new sequences, explore variations of core exercises, and include new exercises as they are developed.

The Mastery series

We will be adding Master the front splits and Master the side splits to the current programs in this series.

As well, more Prep classes for all the Mastery programs. For example, Kit has developed a bunch of partial poses which work exceptionally well for the pancake, and has brought his pancake back: these are brilliant for people that really struggle with the pancake!

The Overcome, and Beyond series

We will be making a full range of Overcome programs (Overcome Back Pain, Overcome Neck Pain, Overcome Knee Pain, etc.). In addition, we will be making a complementary range of Beyond programs, which will take people to the next level.

The Sledgehammer stretching series – literally, the sledgehammer approach to getting flexible!

Bring out the big guns! Developed by Olivia and Dr Joe Hope over 10 years ago, this is a tool you bring out for particularly recalcitrant body parts. Not for the faint-hearted: it is intense, and will yield immediate results – this is weighted stretching on steroids. Only certain parts of the body lend themselves to this approach; the muscles focussed on our calves, hamstrings, hip flexors/quads, and piriformis.

The RollStretch series

Fascia has long been of interest to Stretch Therapy; Kit wrote of its importance in the first edition of Overcome Neck & Back Pain, published in 1995. Much has happened since then, and we have developed a sophisticated approach to working with this subtle tissue. RollStretch is a combination of fascial softening techniques, neural re-patterning, and stretches done in particular ways to maximise their influence on the body’s most abundant substance.

Re-make of the How to Sit for Meditation program

Kit co-presented a two-week intensive retreat with Patrick Kearney at the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary in Malaysia in December 2015. The retreat focused on the four foundations of mindfulness (the four Satipatthanas), the first of which is the body. Kit taught the first session each morning, an extensive set up for long sitting practise. The new program will show you exactly what you need to stretch in order to sit completely comfortably; there are only four critical exercises.

The new set-up


These images show the new filming set-up in the Greenwell Point Monkey Gym. Check out Kit’s description of the technical aspects on the ST Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StretchTherapyKitLaughlin/posts/1558929294189556


Check out our currently available programs on ...

Absolute Beginner's Stretching series


Full series – Parts 1, 2 and 3 – now AVAILABLE.

This series covers all you’ll need to master the squat. My lower body feels great after just one session. The content is outstanding for the price and the quality of the video is excellent, thanks for releasing this!

Richard – Vimeo comment

SLOW-FLOW programs


* SLOW–FLOW program One:
standing twisting, side-bending, and hip activation.
* SLOW–FLOW program Two:
hip flexors/quadriceps and piriformis
NEW bonus features include outer hamstrings and pancake
* SLOW–FLOW program Three:
whole-body mobility/limbering

Just tried out program 1 – this is really, really good stuff. And exactly what I needed. Seriously, I feel like this program was made for me. I’ve been trying to explore the same fascial lines in my own practice (after they’ve opened up from Rolfing), and also the work with the toes I’ve been trying to mobilize and loosen up, as well as single leg work. Liv just completely delivers on all fronts like an absolute professional. Picked up some super valuable new tools. Production quality is top notch, as always! Very thankful for you guys creating this material and sharing it. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

‘zenwoof’ – via the ST Community Forums

I loved this class! I love the follow along solo work. Please keep them coming.

Geni – Vimeo comment

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