Announcing the launch of the Stretch Therapy online shop!

11 May 2016

We have launched the new Stretch Therapy online shop.

Here you can purchase:

* Electronic versions (PDFs) of Kit Laughlin’s three books, Overcome Neck & Back Pain (4th edition), Stretching & Flexibility (2nd edition), and …

Stretching & Pregnancy – this book is now available as an augmented PDF meaning that it has embedded videos!

* The DVD Updates to Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretching & Flexibility as downloadable mp4 (video) files. And,

* The relaxation scripts from Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretching & Pregnancy (Kit and Jennifer’s recordings) as downloadable mp3 (audio) files. The relaxation scripts are FREE!

All of these products can be downloaded to your computer.

Read more below.


Stretching & Pregnancy has 25 exercises, considers birth and relaxation positions, and has all-important post-natal exercises.

The Sensible Eating chapter is a must-read.

The present edition is an augmented PDF – it has embedded videos. Needs Acrobat Reader to play the videos.

193MB, PDF

AUD $25 (GST-inclusive)

The two relaxation scripts from Stretching & Pregnancy – one featuring Kit Laughlin and one Jennifer Cristaudo – are also available. These are FREE!

Overcome Neck & Back Pain, 4th edition, presents a comprehensive self-help exercise-based approach to treating these problems.

This is the first time Overcome Neck & Back Pain has been available in electronic format!

Screen resolution: suitable for viewing on a laptop or mobile devices – not suitable for printing.


AUD $25 (GST-inclusive)

Related products available are the DVD Update to, and Relaxation Script – featuring Kit Laughlin – from Overcome Neck & Back Pain.

Stretching & Flexibility presents the  instructions for a typical 16-week stretching course, starting with simple spinal movements, through to difficult poses. The revised 2nd edition has new hamstring and hip flexor exercises.

Screen resolution: suitable for viewing on a laptop or mobile devices – not suitable for printing.


AUD $25 (GST-inclusive)

You can also purchase the DVD Update to Stretching & Flexibility.

Prefer printed books?

In the coming weeks we will provide details of how you can purchase Overcome Neck & Back Pain and Stretching & Flexibility in printed form, world-wide.

Love video programs?

Check out the Stretch Therapy channel on Vimeo. Find the Mastery series, follow-along classes, and the newest release, Overcome back pain.

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