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4 August 2016
Whether you prefer printed books, electronic books, or videos … or all of these formats … we have you covered!

Overcome Neck & Back Pain, 4th edition

Once again available in printed form!

Kit Laughlin’s book Overcome Neck & Back Pain presents a comprehensive self-help exercise-based approach to treating these problems.

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Get a printed copy from Amazon*

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This downloadable product is the full sound and video stream from the Update DVD. The Update is DRM-free, meaning you can put it on any of your devices and keep it for offline viewing.

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This recording is the entire Relaxation script from chapter 10 of the book Overcome Neck & Back Pain.

The script takes you through the whole body, part by part, to leave you feeling completely relaxed.

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Overcome Back Pain on Vimeo-on-Demand

Individuals version

SIX FOLLOW-ALONG programs, 8–12 minutes long.

Each can be bought separately – if you only want the programs that help sciatica, you can.

The whole program can be bought as a bundle, and this saves money, too.

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Practitioner–Teacher version

These 14 exercises work the spine in all planes of movement.

The program is detailed and instructional in nature.

Learn the tools to help your patients and clients more effectively overcome their back pain.

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From the Fit Executive in the Financial Times

By Charles Wallace
Remedies for back pain that help avoid the surgeon’s knife
Our unsymmetrical bodies are the issue, not disc deformity

June 27, 2016

A member of my family came to me recently with the distressing news that they were about to undergo a surgical procedure to relieve back pain. The doctor, he assured me, had showed him the images of an MRI scan that clearly indicated degeneration of spinal discs and said that this was the cause of his discomfort.

Read the full article at

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