15 December 2017

Announcing the next exciting Stretch Therapy program, coming your way on Vimeo in early 2018!


Key features of the Absolute Beginner’s Stretching (ABS) Series

  • 21 x 15-minute follow-along themed sessions
  • Each session is a connected block of exercises
  • The ABS series features only solo exercises
  • Learn gentle, beginner exercises for the whole body.
  • We begin at the beginning. The ABS series is stretching for every body  – all ages, all physical capacities.
  • Sessions will be released three per week, the closest thing to doing classes with us! 
  • The ABS series will teach you the whole ST system: how often to stretch; what’s the right intensity; which muscles and movements you personally need to focus on.
  • Put together your own playlists on Vimeo – build your own classes!
  • Practise with Kit Laughlin – the ST Founder, now 65 years young – and Olivia Allnutt. Kit and Olivia live Stretch Therapy, and we teach and demonstrate everything ourselves: no models.

Stay tuned for further details …

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