2 November 2017

Patrick and Kit have been co-teaching meditation retreats for more than five years, both in Australia and in Buddhist monasteries in Asia.

Please join us for what promises to be a wonderful event.


The Buddha teaches that mindfulness of body in the four postures of moving, standing, sitting and lying down allows entry into a limitless mind. Mindfulness is learned through systematically training attention to develop a felt continuity of awareness of body and mind. Physical sensation exists only in the present, and so mindfulness of body grounds us naturally in the present. In contrast, when we are lost in the endless narratives of the mind we are convinced of the reality of past and future, and are disconnected from our natural embodiment. As we cultivate a felt intimacy with the body we are opened to a deeper understanding of the activities of mind. We discover that “body” and “mind” are not separate entities distantly related to each other but different facets of a unified network of experience, and this understanding brings relaxation to the body, joy to the heart and understanding to the mind.

Full details available at stretchtherapy.net/the-four-postures-march-2018/

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