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27 July 2016

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This is the lesson without a number, in the middle of the book Stretching & Flexibility. Many people have reported that this simple follow-along class that works most of the body’s ranges of movements gently is their favourite lesson, so here is a recent version of it.

Shot at the recent 6–day Stretch Teacher Intensive, the cueing is detailed, and all the subtle details of good form can be seen clearly. This lesson is used as a cool-down from more vigorous activities or as a stand-alone program to assess your stretching progress.

All our programs re DRM-free and can be put on any device you own. Once you have followed it a couple of times, the verbal cues alone can be used to do the sequence. Enjoy!

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Program Three in the SLOW–FLOW series, is a whole-body mobility/limbering program.


* Shoulder girdle movements
* Elbows and wrists
* Standing one leg hip flexion
* Knees
* Leg swings – these really challenge the balance!
* Short stance lunge
* Wide stance squat
* Whole body lateral circles
* Kneeling hip mobility

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Bonus features now available!

If you’ve already purchased SLOW–FLOW Program Two, head back to your Vimeo account and you’ll find … four new bonus features waiting for you.

These include sequences for outer hamstrings, and pancake.

New purchasers will have immediate access to all elements!

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