Kit Laughlin’s latest article – What stops you doing a pose perfectly?

20 November 2016

Originally prepared for Australian Yoga Life magazine

This note provides a deeper look into how the Stretch Therapy system can help the keen yogi to improve her postures.

In this article I will consider what real, physical limits might stop someone from doing a technically perfect Adho Mukha Svanasana, or down-facing dog pose. Many beginning yogis struggle to do this pose well; most generally and in most schools, the pose is said to be done well when both heels are held on the floor, the inside edges of feet parallel and the knees held straight, the whole spine gently extended from the hip joints and that line continued by the arms and, in the final stage, the face, or top of the head rests on the floor.

View the full article. [This link takes you to the articles page on this website: open the first tab to view the whole ‘Unlocking the Yoga Poses, or what stops you doing a pose perfectly’ article.]

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