September 5, 2017

Anchors of Health – Kit Laughlin with Coach Bill Choi


In this episode, you’ll learn about stretching and flexibility from world-renowned expert Kit Laughlin.

Kit Laughlin is a leading authority on the subject of stretching and flexibility. He developed Stretch Therapy over the last 30 years and presents workshops across the globe in these techniques.

He was awarded a Master of Letters degree by the Science Faculty of the Australian National University in Canberra and was granted an Australian Postgraduate Research Award for Ph.D. research, where back pain was the main case study.

Time stamped show notes

[2:09] How making an adult body flexible is completely different than making a child’s body flexible.
[6:07] How Kit Laughlin got into stretching and flexibility (as an adult).
[8:46] How your body will take on the shape (or postural signature) of exactly what you do with it for the majority of the day.
[9:24] How the mind and body occupy the same time and space and should not be viewed separately.
[10:45] The characteristic changes in the shape of the human body that comes from sitting for most of the day and being stressed.
[15:00] The meaning of postural signature.
[20:47] What sitting for most of the day does to your body.
[21:16] The lies you’re being told about stretching and flexibility.
[21:50] The best way to approach stretching and flexibility.
[22:28] If more is better when it comes to stretching.
[23:02] Why gaining flexibility is far more difficult to achieve than aerobic training or strength training.
[23:59] Why the normal recommendations for stretching are ineffective for adults.
[25:50] What makes stretching completely different than aerobic training and strength training.
[26:48] When you gain new ranges of motion, how long it lasts and what should be done to maintain it.
[29:29] Why range of movement must come first.
[30:09] The major flexibility poses.
[31:00] How do you maintain a range of movement that you acquire.
[31:57] How frequently you should stretch.
[32:13] The best way to really make progress with flexibility.
[33:00] What most people need to be stretching.
[33:20] The most important range of movement (especially as you age) and why.
[33:42] Not having an old body as you get older in age.
[35:34] The history of pilates.
[37:35] The history of yoga.
[39:16] What makes Stretch Therapy different than Pilates and Yoga.
[39:51] Kit’s personal philosophy.
[40:23] What to expect from Stretch Therapy.
[41:32] The origin of Stretch Therapy and how it evolved.
[43:00] Why having an open learning system is critical.
[46:34] A breakthrough story.
[48:38] What you can realistically expect from using Stretch Therapy.
[49:52] Why most stretching systems don’t work very well.
[50:22] How to change the experience of stretching.
[51:41] What we should be doing when we feel that strong painful stretch sensation.
[56:30] What Kit discovered about people that have daily aches and pain (neck and back pain).
[1:02:49] What to look at if you have aches and pains in your body.
[1:03:43] The most important thing that everyone should do.
[1:06:47] The most important muscle in your body.
[1:08:35] Marketing over substance.
[1:09:49] How the acquisition of flexibility is profoundly different to any other physical attribute that you want to improve.

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