Get the advanced flexibility you need

Often, it is only something small that is stopping you making progress in the advanced poses. The restriction could be fascial, neural, or a simple lack of strength in an unsuspected muscle group. Let us show you how to find out what's holding you back.


Pikes, back bends and pancakes are possible – let us show you how.

  • Everybody will reach flexibility plateaus. Learn how to find, then transform, your body’s restrictions. Includes solo, partner, and resistance exercises.
  • One of the keys to achieving breakthroughs is to stretch more intensely, while learning how to relax more deeply at the same time.
  • Less can be more. Find the combination of limbering and specific strong stretching exercises that is right for your body. Intense, but infrequent, is the secret (everyone forgets about recovery).
mastery course overview

What works?

Everyone's different. We know what works and what doesn't work – let us show you how to find what works for your body.

Work with your body

Learn to use the three critical neural reflexes to remap what your brain believes is its possible range of movement.

How and why

We teach the "how to" and the "why". Understanding why we work a particular way makes all the difference.

Proven results

Use the methods that have helped literally thousands of students to master the pancake, pike, and full back bend.

Reach a whole new level of flexibility.

 Let Kit and Olivia show you the most effective methods to achieve your flexibility goals.

Discover the proven techniques for achieving advanced flexibility.

Foundation Modules


Master the Squat


Hip mobility and pelvis control is the foundation for all of the advanced stretching poses in this course. Even advanced students should start here.



Master Shoulder Flexibility


This program addresses upper-body flexibility. Learn the conditioning exercises you need for optimal shoulder health. All students need this module.

Advanced Poses


Master the Pancake


Program 3 shows you how to master the pancake – an iconic pose in many disciplines. Once you understand your restrictions, let us show you how to change them.


Master the Full Back Bend


Program 4 may be the most important module of this course, health-wise. It covers hip and spinal extension, and shoulder flexion,  all essential for a full back bend.


Master the Pike


Program 5 will teach you how to master the strongest of the two-leg forward bends. Includes resistance exercises and fascial releases to help you achieve the perfect pike.


You may have been told that to become really flexible you must stretch every day – this could be what's holding you back!

A secret I'll share now is that doing an intense pancake session and its preparation exercises once a week, and doing the right limbering exercises for a few minutes on other days in the week, will get you to a perfect pancake far faster than trying to do the pancake every day. The same is true for the pike and the full back bend – these intense exercises need sufficient recovery time.

And it’s perfectly possible to work on the Big Three at the same time, but we’ll be doing only one serious session on each once a week.


  • How to prepare your body for maximum flexibility.
  • How to master the pancake, pike and full back bend.
  • How to decide which variations are the most effective for your unique pattern of flexibility.


The honesty, precision, and experience that Stretch Therapy offers is simply peerless. In particular, ST explains frankly that a cookie-cutter programs cannot account for the multitude of factors that influence current flexibility and desired flexibility. This is freeing and terrifying at the same time. So many people interested in fitness have been conditioned to follow rigid rules often ignoring their own intuition as the only way to improve a physical quality. I deeply appreciate that sets, reps, and duration are never elevated as a panacea or even optimal for progress. That takes more awareness and exploration of your body and abilities. ST offers a light to follow your own path. The philosophy of ST is also very unique. It is a really offering a journey of self-discovery instead of the hackneyed recipe for instant success. 

Tony C. – USA

I am just getting started with acquainting myself with the program but my initial impressions are that ST stands out because of the scientific evidence based approach that offers far more detailed and relevant information than just monkey-see-monkey-do and you'll see results. This program educated practitioners and gives them the tools to stay safe and truly learn how to tune into the body's almost subtle messages to guide the process. This is so refreshing and is something I have never come across with yoga or any of the flexibility products I have purchased thus far. 

Elyse H.

Best & proven method of mobility & flexibility. ST is accessible and effective. It gives more than it promises. And that's missing so much in so many areas of life I find, to think and feel for oneself, not blindly following some "this is the best there is" protocol.  Also, what's going well for you guys is that you share a ton, you're not secretive or overpriced and mainly you are open. 

Fahad M. – Saudi Arabia

A down-to-earth and highly authentic system with detailed and careful instruction, a balanced and genuine approach, inclusive of all levels (and people). I'm particularly drawn to your work because you acknowledge and address the effect the mind has on the body. ...but more than any of that i love that you are both very genuine and giving with your knowledge :-)

Kelly R. – Australia

Kit and Olivia really know what they are talking about and explain it well. Everything they sell is also at a good price and they seem to genuinely want to improve people rather than make massive profits.

Gordon M. – UK

Its focus on relaxation, its adaptability, that it doesn't feel rushed, and instead like an honest and effective practice, even though it is hard – in the sense that it does not advertise a quick fix, which is what one is initially looking for.

Moritz B.