Stretch yourself to a new, relaxed you!

Unlock your body and discover the whole-body benefits of a younger, more agile you. Works for all bodies and physical conditions!


In the Starter Course You'll...

  • Discover simple stretching exercises that relax all parts of your body.
  • Learn to sleep better and lose those niggling aches and pains.
  • Learn how to feel better in your body.
  • Look and feel younger, and move better.
course overview starter course

No expensive equipment

The entire course can be done using an ordinary chair, a cushion and a belt.

In your own home

Unlock your body from the privacy of your own home. Watch the easy-to-folllow videos on your TV.

No complex movements

We begin at the very beginning, and we talk simply and directly to you, step by step.

How long do I need?

Two or three 15–25 minutes routines a week is all you need for amazing results.

You've been told you need to stretch. Let us show you how.

Kit Laughlin, creator of the Stretch Therapy Method, with his partner and co-director of Stretch Therapy Olivia Allnutt, bring over 55 years of collective experience helping people to use stretching to improve their lives.

This course is the 'human body user guide' that no-one ever gave you! Learn the easy-to-do stretching exercises your body needs.

Included in the Starter Course is 21 x 15–25-minute follow-along themed sessions of solo exercises. The title screen for each session describes the functional contents (e.g. hamstrings and calves). The Starter Course will let you experience the Stretch Therapy system in an easy-to-use format.


We start from the very beginning so you can safely and easily acquire the fundamentals you'll need on the path to a better, more relaxed and agile you!


In Module 2 you'll learn the Contract–Relax technique—and this will give you the best flexibility results in the shortest time possible.


Module 3 teaches the Agonist–Antagonist technique to create a whole new relationship with your body. Together, these techniques yield whole-body strengthening.


We've designed this course to be perfectly doable without any prior knowledge or experience. Even the most accomplished athletes can start here, because you'll be discovering your body in a completely new way.


  • Relax the muscles that are causing you discomfort.
  • Be more comfortable in your body, and move better.
  • Transform your body into a perfectly relaxed, more supple you.

The Stretch Therapy Starter Course has been proven countless times – helping over 50 thousand people around the world to achieve greater grace in the body and mind, and ease of movement.

It's the foundation for our other courses and it works for adults of all ages and physical capacities. Once you've worked your way through the 21 sessions, you'll know which muscles and movements you personally need to focus on.


I just wanted to let you know that I am just about to complete the Starter Course Part 1 and this together with the bonus relaxation recordings that you sent are transforming my life. I am discovering that stretches that I thought I had mastered and have been performing for many years were technically incorrect. As a result of following your programme I am now seeing and enjoying massive benefits that the comfort from the stretches and, in particular feeling the sensations in my body and the relaxation have had on my physical and mental well-being.

Jean W. – UK

I love the detailed instructions which foster a deeper understanding of underlying principles and mechanisms. I also enjoy the kind and mindful approach to exploring and improving my flexibility.

Ranjit S. – Germany

Stretch Therapy is an extremely well structured system that has well thought out approach to working with your own body rather than forcing everything to make change.

Ian N. – Australia

I like the pragmatism of the system, how one is encouraged to "tinker" until one finds something that works. This in contrast to the limited orthodoxies of some other approaches.

Patrick K. – Australia

A uniquely usable, adaptable, evidence based system for reducing soft tissue tension, decreasing aches and pains, and increasing strength, flexibility and ROM. 

Andy G. – Australia

A thorough, knowledgeable, experiential adventure into the terrain of your own body, presented by thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and humble beings. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Alison C. – Australia