Best-Selling Stretch Therapy Books

Kit Laughlin's books have helped tens of thousands of people around the world!


Overcome Neck & Back Pain, 4th edition

Overcome Neck & Back Pain (ONBP) (A4 format) is the book that started a revolution in the self-treatment of neck, middle and lower back problems.

This is the current rewritten 4th edition, which covers shoulder, arm, and hand pain, too.

Available in print via major online book stores.

The ONBP Update (video) – which contains the latest, and new, versions of exercises – is available online.

Stretching & Flexibility by Kit Laughlin,
2nd edition

Stretching & Flexibility (S&F) (A4 format) will change your way of thinking about flexibility and will improve the way you go about achieving it.

Everyone will find exercises to suit his or her body type and level of flexibility.

The revised 2nd edition has new hamstring and hip flexor exercises.
Available in print via major online book stores.

Stretching & Pregnancy, 2nd edition

Stretching & Pregnancy (S&P) (B5 format) is the book to have if you are pregnant, or planning a family in the future,

S&P has 25 exercises, considers birth and relaxation positions, and has all-important post-natal exercises. The Sensible Eating chapter is a must-read.

The second edition is simply a new cover to match the other two books, and a new preface, commenting on the intervening 15 years. Holders of the original edition need not update.

Available in print via major online book stores.

About Kit Laughlin

Kit Laughlin is an authority on the subject of stretching and strengthening, and many areas in between.

Kit developed Stretch Therapy over the last 35 years and he presents workshops world-wide in these techniques.

Kit has written three best-selling books about Stretch Therapy, Overcome Neck & Back Pain (for injury rehabilitation, now in its 4th Edition), Stretching & Flexibility (for performance enhancement, well being, and injury prevention, now in its 2nd edition), and Stretching & Pregnancy, 2nd edition (intended for prepartum and postpartum women), and numerous DVDs, videos and many articles.

Kit teaches Stretch Therapy to practitioners of Chiropractic and Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, medicine, Yoga, Pilates and Massage Therapy and to people everywhere who want to rehabilitate or avoid injury, enhance performance or maximise wellbeing, in Australia and around the world.

Read Kit's full biography here.