Stretch Therapy Courses for Every Body


We have the right course for you.

The proven Stretch Therapy Method has already worked for over 50,000 students around the world. No matter where you are on the flexibility spectrum, we have a course that will unlock your body.

Stretching Courses


Starter Course

Flexibility is for every body, and not just for dancers and gymnasts. Our work has shown that humans of all ages and physical conditions can dramatically improve their body's flexibility, with just one or two stretching sessions a week, which you'll find in the Starter Course. At the same time, in this course we'll show you how to relax fully – not as a concept or a hope, but as a genuine, real physical experience. Flexibility and relaxation are two parts of a whole – the new you!

stretch-mastery -series

Mastery Course

Everybody will experience plateaus in their journey to perfect flexibility. Often it's some seemingly small, inconsequential limiting factor that you don't see as you go along – yet its removal opens up the body hugely. Let us show you how to find these restrictions in your body, and remove them once and for all. The Mastery Course covers all aspects of hip and shoulder flexibility, and shows you how to master the pancake, the pike, and a whole-spine full back bend. 

Healing Series


Overcome Back Pain Course

This course presents the material in two different ways. Let Kit take you through six simple, follow-along programs, between eight and twelve minutes long, that will loosen all the places in your body that are hurting you right now.

If you prefer, the Overcome Back Pain Course also includes 14 instructional videos that explain each exercise in great detail.

Overcome Neck Pain Course

Neck pain is a constant for many people around the world. What most people don't understand is that chronic neck pain is often caused by asymmetrical tensions due to tight muscles often related to lifestyle and posture, and can be changed easily.

By increasing the flexibility and range of motion of specific muscles, and relieving whole-body tension, neck pain and discomfort can be a thing of the past.

Organised in levels 1–3, this 37-exercise course is suitable for everyone.


Hear what our students say about

Stretch Therapy

Just a big thank you for all that you do. I've learned so much and know that I'll continue to do so for years to come, thanks to what I've learned and continue to learn from you both.

Renita K. – Australia

Stretch Therapy has been the mainstay of my life for the past 20 odd years. It is like a treasure box, full of real gems of wisdom and instruction.

Tony C. – Australia

ST always seem to create new and inventive ways in which to make the stretches more effective and accessible through constant evaluation and curiosity. It is a tried and tested approach which respects every individual's level of proficiency.

Bjorn L. – Sweden

It's a very rich system that encourages self therapy by means of exploration, observation, playfulness, development amongst other things. The content is very informative whilst remaining clear and focused. It's a toolkit that can be drawn upon time and time again which encourages the user to be active and take responsibility for their feelings and relationship with the physical body.

Tom M. – United Kingdom

I am grateful to have been part of your work. It is such an amazing program. I have so much to learn and love that you guys do it with such passion, wisdom and knowledge. I really trust the work that you do.

Chris H. – Australia

What you teach has been a fundamental and useful process for me, so thank you very much indeed!

Ulrike K. – Australia