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Are you a cat that loves to read? Discover the world's definitive resource on stretching. The Stretch Therapy Method has been meticulously crafted through over 35 years of scientific research helping tens of thousands of adults around the world.

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Piriformis syndrome is described by sufferers as “agonising": often experienced after long periods of driving or sitting, the affected leg feels variously as though it’s gone to sleep, or the leg experiences shooting pains, from the hip to the outside of the calf muscle, and the foot can be affected, too.

Exercise Techniques

Stretching exercises and routines that simply work for adult bodies.

Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Why is true relaxation so rare? We all think we understand what this word means, but there’s a massive gulf between hearing the term and experiencing deep relaxation in the body and the mind. Let us help you how to find this state within yourself.

Back Pain

Stretch Therapy began with a tight, occasionally competitive, athlete trying to find a way out of constant pain and tension and over many years has become an efficient method for achieving grace, ease, and relaxation in the body. This section contains many articles that explore the context of where back pain is experienced, and a number of thought pieces that explore the very meaning of ‘rehabilitation’ in the current era, as well as the original paper “The hidden causes of low back pain” which led to the book Overcome Neck & Back Pain. Please forward these to family and friends.


These are the ‘behind the scenes’ background pieces (some written while Kit was doing Master’s and PhD research, so heavily influenced by his philosophical work in logic) and they are the underpinnings of the Stretch Therapy system.


Kit is often asked to write technology pieces for different forums. If you are intending to make videos for YouTube or the like, knowing the basics can speed the process enormously.