Piriformis and its role in sciatica – an article for studentsPiriformis syndrome is described by sufferers as “agonising”: often experienced after long periods of driving …2022/04/25Back Pain, Piriformis2022-04-25 04:11:37
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Choices and consequences; how this life is organisedCorrespondence with a student teacher raised some interesting responses, so I thought I would post …2016/08/11Philosophical2016-08-11 17:59:00
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I grind my teeth and have jaw tension—what can I do?This is a common problem, and I have been asked for advice many time, so …2014/02/22Exercise Techniques2014-02-22 08:42:00
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Stretch Therapy™ Fascial Release technique for pancake/straddleI have simply copied the description from the YT channel here, to set the scene, …2014/01/27Exercise Techniques2014-01-27 08:53:00
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Has anyone heard of this scam? Mark Cole, and buying a car from Rio De Janiero…Miss O is selling the Mighty Mirage, and it is advertised on the local Gumtree (an ebay …2013/08/31Philosophical, Technology2013-08-31 14:16:00
“How to get a body like a cat”, and “Becoming a supple leopard”For many years, I promoted the Posture & Flexibility work we did at the ANU with the …2013/08/16Exercise Techniques2013-08-16 09:15:00
How choices constrain options: the arrow of timeIn this life, there are choices and consequences. A relevant folk saying, from Mexico: “Pay …2013/07/23Exercise Techniques2013-07-23 09:18:00
Regaining side splits and the 90-day blog challengeLet me go on public record here and say I am very grateful to Dave …2013/07/14Exercise Techniques2013-07-14 09:23:00
The Single Leg Squat progressionsI have edited and posted the second part of the lower body ‘Monkey Gym Fundamentals’, …2013/07/13Exercise Techniques2013-07-13 09:38:00
Speed skater and Cossack squat combinationI uploaded a 13′ segment (so, a live-like-you-are-there, unedited segment) from a recent Monkey Gym …2013/07/12Exercise Techniques2013-07-12 09:45:00
Sleep positions and the vexed question of the pillowGigi asked: Optimal sleep position(s)?Pillow(s) or sans? So, addressing these points in turn: start each …2013/07/11Exercise Techniques2013-07-11 09:20:00
More on sleep and relaxation, and Yoga NidraThe recordings of the scripts that I’ve linked to in my last post are all …2013/07/05Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-07-05 09:49:00
Sleeping, useful tension, and the breathHow many of you have trouble sleeping? If the reading group of this blog is …2013/07/04Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-07-04 09:54:00
Pro video cameras are deadToday Paul Janssens came around to my studio and I gave him his new camera—a …2013/06/29Technology2013-06-29 13:54:00
“The new attitude is gratitude”Now repeat that with a Flavor Flav-style cadence: sounds pretty good, doesn’t it. This assertion …2013/06/26Philosophical2013-06-26 14:22:00
Anger (or whatever one’s default reaction is)A friend and I have been talking about default emotions, but what I will talk …2013/06/23Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-06-23 18:14:00
“Encatment”; the noun form of ‘encat’ (v., Eng., forward formation)Chéz Allnutt–Laughlin, certain circumstances allow either of the occupants to be excused familial responsibilities, momentarily. As …2013/06/21Philosophical2013-06-21 14:26:00
Become *the* expert on yourselfI have had a number of questions on the forums recently about rotator cuff problems. …2013/06/20Exercise Techniques2013-06-20 09:57:00
Closing the MG at the ANU, part IIIAt this precise moment I am getting outside of coffee number two. It is ‘pissing …2013/06/17Philosophical2013-06-17 14:43:00
What is love, actually?I wonder if (like the relationship between pain and suffering I wrote about in an …2013/06/07Philosophical2013-06-07 14:30:00
Closing the MG, part II: the final Advanced Stretching (“P&F”) classPreceding the final Advanced stretch class was the advanced Monkey Gym circuit: run by Olivia, …2013/06/05Philosophical2013-06-05 14:49:00
Principles of Stretch Therapy™This is simply a copy-and-paste/retouch from my main website, but a number of people have …2013/06/03Exercise Techniques2013-06-03 09:59:00
“How’s that workin’ for ya?”I had a magnificent example of kissing off my own life this morning. I was …2013/06/02Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-06-02 18:17:00
Closing the Monkey Gym at the Australian National University, part IThe advanced crew had an incredible work out last night. Readers of the Stretch Therapy …2013/06/01Philosophical2013-06-01 14:52:00
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Emotional generosity, and “checking out”A correspondent wrote it occurs to me this beautiful day in Hawai’i (another one) that …2013/05/31Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-31 10:05:00
Doing the best you canIt must have been the recollection of drinking cognac with my teacher that brought this …2013/05/29Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-29 18:25:00
“Taking care”, “mindfulness”, and “being angry, for two or three heartbeats”djinoz wrote: I’d be interested in a post that expands the ‘mindfulness’ into ‘taking care’ …2013/05/28Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-28 18:33:00
“Be Here Now” (Ram Das), and the ‘Five minute consult’ (ex. MAD TV)I’m sitting in my bed in my house and slowly drinking coffee number two. Those …2013/05/27Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-27 18:35:00
Why “Stretching Mindfully?”, part twoToday there is a tremendous amount of writing about mindfulness, or Sati.  The article that I have linked …2013/05/24Exercise Techniques2013-05-24 10:11:00
Why “Stretching Mindfully”?A quick Google search on the term ‘mindfulness’ revealed “About 10,270,000 results”. Mindfulness (sati) is …2013/05/23Exercise Techniques2013-05-23 10:14:00
The title of my next “book”: Stretching MindfullyI have decided that the future of the printed book is grim indeed. In other …2013/05/22Exercise Techniques, Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-22 10:20:00
Watching how mindfulness disappears and reappears IIToday I thought I would share a few tips that I have found to be …2013/05/21Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-21 18:41:00
Watching how mindfulness disappears and reappears II am finding that the first cup of coffee in the morning is the ideal …2013/05/20Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-20 18:44:00
The 90-day blog challenge and the 50-year testI am extremely grateful to my friend and colleague Dave Wardman for challenging me to …2013/05/18Philosophical2013-05-18 07:34:00
Frozen shoulder treatment, supraspinatus impingement, and poor practitionersYesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a woman who came to see …2013/05/16Exercise Techniques2013-05-16 12:39:00
Working the sounds of an excavator scraping rocks into your meditationI always do some kind of Yoga Nidra practice before I get up in the …2013/05/14Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-14 12:44:00
Sleeping and dreaming that you are meditatingIf you have ever attended a meditation retreat, you will likely have had the experience …2013/05/13Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-13 13:06:00
A note about “Supervenience”I was studying medical anthropology and logic, as well as human ecology at the Australian …2013/05/12Philosophical2013-05-12 07:39:00
The title of my next ‘book’, and the video “What is stretching about, really?”Just a quick one today, too; time is tight and when on the road, one …2013/05/11Exercise Techniques2013-05-11 13:14:00
What is stretching, and what does it really do? Part II have seen quite a bit of research in recent months on stretching and the …2013/05/09Exercise Techniques2013-05-09 13:18:00
“What is stretching about, really?”, part III will be teaching the next two days, so will have limited time to blog. …2013/05/08Exercise Techniques2013-05-08 13:13:09
Why does mindfulness need attention?It occurred to me that the assumption of the desirability of mindfulness begs a question before further …2013/05/05Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-05 07:52:00
The virtues of the squat toilet, and why we need not be deprived in the West!OK; I sense a thread of scatology in this week’s posts. As this is what’s …2013/05/03Philosophical2013-05-03 14:57:00
Noting mindfulness in daily life (especially first thing in the morning!)Well, the only conclusion is that there isn’t any: I watch how I turn on …2013/05/02Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-02 07:56:00
Mindfulness in daily lifeOn the retreat I have just returned from it became blindingly obvious that there is …2013/05/01Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness2013-05-01 08:00:00
Notes on how to use Stretch Therapy, written for an experienced coach who is a new user of Stretch Therapy (Chris Sommer)To help you get the firmest possible grasp of the principles that underlie the approach …2012/10/11Exercise Techniques, Stretch Therapy Method2012-10-11 03:39:33
The amazing Vibram Five FingersOn Mt Arrawang last week, a fellow walker looked at me in amazement and asked, …2012/09/04Exercise Techniques2012-09-04 13:25:00
Barefoot walking and running your way to healthOne of my students from many years ago, James from Albuquerque, has been insisting for …2012/09/04Exercise Techniques2012-09-04 13:22:00
Supervenience, massage and stretchingPrepared for the Australian Association of Massage Therapists, April 2004 Massage is often the first …2004/04/15Philosophical2004-04-15 07:42:00
Pro-Active Occupational Health and SafetyPrepared for the inaugural COMCARE National Rehabilitation Conference; Canberra, November 2003. In this paper, I …2003/11/15Back Pain2003-11-15 14:20:49
Piriformis and its role in sciatica – an article for practitionersThe effectiveness of treating trigger points in the buttock area is well known. In this …2001/03/19Back Pain, Piriformis2001-03-19 11:00:35
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Getting back to work with back painMany studies have shown that the prognosis for a full return to work after time …1990/10/30Back Pain1990-10-30 16:15:23
Low back pain: Review and PrescriptionPart 1 Introduction Writers, philosophers and surgeons share a common dilemma: in order to be …1990/07/01Back Pain, Piriformis1990-07-01 14:14:45
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