July 23, 2013


How choices constrain options: the arrow of time

In this life, there are choices and consequences. A relevant folk saying, from Mexico:

“Pay now, or pay later”

The point is we pay for our choices, somewhere, sometime, and without exception. And this sentiment is not negative, for me—it describes the unfolding of our lives, and in terms of the choices we make now constraining future options. The thoughts came as a result of  reading Nate’s comments on my post yesterday, and my further comments.

Isn’t this what exercise (training, play; your choice of terminology) is all about? A choice in the moment with consequences in the future (today I am paying for showing off at the end of the workshop!), in both excellent and other ways? Same about food and relationship choices, too. How much of what we perceive and experience as ‘bad luck’ or misfortune is really only the unfolding of past choices?

So, back to yesterday’s post: what sounds like my criticism of the PT industry needs to be tempered, in this way: currently, there are few alternative training options available to people who want to do this vital work—past choices by government and interested parties created the Cert. III and Cert. IV options; these equally are constraints. Historically, the fitness ‘industry’ and these certifications came out of the aerobics groups classes of the 70s; and the aerobics boom of the 80s.

Part of what I want to do is enlarge these options; and I will develop this theme in forthcoming posts.

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