Stretch Therapy™ Workshops – 2024

We would like to know if workshops are a still a valid means of getting our information to you post Covid (if, in fact, we are truly ‘post Covid'). Are you interested in attending an ST workshop?

Below you can read the format for the two-day workshops we ran for many years, worldwide, prior to Covid. Does a two-day workshop appeal? If not, grateful for your comments about what format would appeal.

Any insight you can offer will be helpful.

Kit & Olivia

Stretch Therapy™ Workshops

Into the Stretch

A 100% full immersion experience in the work of Stretch Therapy

Into the Stretch is for anyone new to Stretch Therapy, and is suitable for every body.

Learn the techniques that have helped tens of thousands of people to experience grace and ease in the body.

You will learn how to:

  • free up tight joints and move fluidly again
  • increase the sensations of being alive
  • let tension go completely from your body
  • relax completely, via daily guided relaxation exercises
  • sleep more deeply and awaken refreshed

    Full description of the Into the Stretch workshop

Deeper Into the Stretch

Deeper Into the Stretch is the next step after Into the Stretch or ST for Performance, and can be taken at any time after you do your first ST workshop.

We created Deeper Into the Stretch because so many people have repeated Into the Stretch, or ST for Performance multiple times, and report each time that they learned more than the times before – the system is wide and deep and caters to all body types and levels of function.

Full description of the Deeper Into the Stretch workshop

Overcome Neck & Back Pain

This one-day workshop is designed for sufferers of neck or back pain.

You will be assessed structurally and functionally, and an individual exercise program will be prescribed and practised – you will go away with a toolbox of techniques you can practise at home.

If you are a practitioner who treats these problems, this workshop will provide an unique opportunity to see the method in action.

Full description of the Overcome Neck & Back Pain workshop

Monkey Gym

Monkey Gym is the strength and agility wing of the Stretch Therapy system.

The Monkey Gym work spans explicit rehabilitation through to the development of elite athletes; we all fall somewhere on this continuum.

The foundation of any strengthening work is sound biomechanics. We start here.

Full description of the Monkey Gym workshop

ST for Performance

This workshop is for all women and men involved in dance, gymnastics strength training, martial arts, the pole dance world, free-runners, and Parkour practitioners.

ST for Performance is for anyone involved in any activity where superior active and passive flexibility is necessary. So often it is missing.

We will present solo and partner versions of most exercises. We will cover all necessary partial poses, progressions, limbering elements, and associated techniques (like fascial releases, Contract–Relax, pulsing, ballistics, etc.) to be able to:

  • do a full squat
  • have full hip mobility
  • do a pike (legs together, face on shins)
  • do a pancake (legs apart, chest on floor)
  • have full shoulder extension and flexion
  • do a full back bend (the bridge)

Full description of the Stretch Therapy for Performance workshop

Stretch Therapy Teacher Intensive Program

Would you like to train to become a Stretch Therapy Teacher? Full details of how to do this can be found via the link below!

Full description of the ST Teacher Intensive program

Deep Well Being

Many people want to experience life more fully, and feel instinctively that there is more to life than how it appears on the surface. Others find that it is difficult to be still internally, because their minds are too busy. Still others don’t understand why their emotional life is a roller-coaster!

This one-day workshop is designed to provide you with a number of tools to go deeper into the ordinary experiences of daily life, and to help you experience happiness more often – for no reason at all.

Full description of the Deep Well Being workshop

Discounts Policy, and Workshop Confirmation

If you wish to claim a discount, please contact Olivia – at olivia@stretchtherapy.net – BEFORE making a payment! Olivia will send you a coupon for the discounted rate, which you can use to register.

Find the ST workshops discounts policy details HERE.

Stretch Therapy™ Workshop Presenters


Kit Laughlin

Kit Laughlin is the Founder of Stretch Therapy, and a world authority in stretching and strengthening techniques. He is the author of the best-selling books Overcome Neck & Back PainStretching & Flexibility, and Stretching & Pregnancy. Kit has presented workshops to many thousands of individuals worldwide and is a strength and flexibility consultant to elite teams and athletes. He studied Oriental medicine and Shiatsu for three years in Japan and founded the Shoshin Centre (in Canberra – and presently Greenwell Point – Australia), where he assists clients to overcome pain related to muscular and skeletal asymmetries.

Read Kit's full biography here.


Olivia Allnutt

Olivia Allnutt is a ST Workshop Presenter, Senior Stretch Teacher, Stretch Practitioner, Monkey Gym Teacher, and – along with ST Founder Kit Laughlin – co-director of Stretch Therapy™. She has been a student of the Stretch Therapy system since 1993. She has taught all levels of Stretch Therapy, Monkey Gym and RollStretch for over 20 years, and presented ST workshops in Australia and internationally for the past 10 years. Her background experience includes training as a gymnast from age six – as well as coaching gymnastics for many years – and competing in cross country running, field hockey, softball, and swimming. Olivia is a qualified gymnastics coach, swimming instructor, and personal trainer.

Cherie Seeto

Cherie Seeto is a Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher and Practitioner. Her interest in Stretch Therapy began in 1999, with a workshop 'Piriformis in relation to back pain'. As a remedial therapist, this was like finding gold!

Stretch Therapy combined with massage and other soft tissue therapies became her core focus. It has allowed her to serve her clients by teaching them how to look after their own bodies. Being inquisitive and creative by nature, adapting and evolving stretches to suit anyone's flexibility and age is rewarding. Humans ageing with functional grace and ease has also shifted Cherie's emphasis to a softer approach to ST. Slowing down, relaxing, allowing the body and mind to unwind unnecessary tension, is a fine balance to intense training.

Learn more about Cherie here.

Ashwin Tirodkar

Ashwin Tirodkar has been involved with martial arts, strength training, and stretching since his teenage years. Having practiced and taught Kokikai Aikido for 15 years from 1992 to 2007, he developed a love of physical and energetic training methods. He discovered Stretch Therapy while exploring gymnastic strength training and hasn't looked back since. He currently teaches in London, UK.

Learn more about Ashwin here.

Markus Ott

Markus Ott is a dedicated Stretch Therapy Teacher from Mainz, Germany. He discovered Stretch Therapy for the first time in 2013 while looking for ways to improve his own flexibility. Being passionate about gymnastic strength training, rock climbing and all things movement related, Stretch Therapy seemed like the perfect fit. Developing a new feeling of grace and ease in one’s own body is a feeling that quickly got him hooked. Meanwhile, Markus has become a Stretch Therapy Teacher with heart and soul. He wants to give back to his students what we so easily lose in the modern world: grace, ease and mindfulness for ourselves and our body. He continues his education and involvement in the Stretch Therapy community as well as in other movement related fields. Markus teaches Stretch Therapy classes and workshops on a regular basis to share his passion in a warm and caring manner with his students.

Learn more about Markus here.

James Wheatley

James Wheatley is a Stretch Therapy Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and movement enthusiast. James first discovered Stretch Therapy in 2014 after reading a forum post about loaded stretching modalities. In the fall of 2015, James attended his first Stretch Therapy workshop and since then has continued to study the Stretch Therapy system, as well as expand his knowledge base through the researching of a broad spectrum of physical culture practices. James currently resides in Beacon, New York, where he offers limited personal training services and workshops aimed at instilling a love of movement without being locked into a singular way of moving and focused on the development of human wellness.

Learn more about James here.

Justin Chien

Justin Chien is a passionate Stretch Therapy Teacher located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. As a late-starter figure skater, when he was 26, coached by well-known Olympic/World competitor coaches from Russia Jane and Edouard Pliner, he is motivated to explore techniques to condition effectively for this crazy sport! It was a game changer when he discovered Stretch Therapy back in 2002 via reading Kit's books and exchanging emails with Kit. Justin finally attended his first Stretch Therapy Teacher Training in 2009. Since then, it has been an ongoing journey of studying and practicing Stretch Therapy: Justin visited Kit’s training facility Monkey Gym in Australia in 2011, and attended Stretch Therapy Teacher Intensive training in London in 2017 and in 2018. As a Yoga teacher since 2004, he has been applying the wisdom of Stretch Therapy in his Yoga class. He considers Stretch Therapy as a fantastic tool for building strength, flexibility, and mobility altogether. "A practice of staying relaxed while under tensions" is what he now shares in his Stretch Therapy Boston class.

Learn more about Justin here.