Into the Stretch Workshop

Into the Stretch: a 100% full immersion experience in the work of Stretch Therapy

This workshop is for anyone new to Stretch Therapy, and is suitable for every body.

Learn the techniques that have helped tens of thousands of people to experience grace and ease in the body.

You will learn how to:

  • free up tight joints and move fluidly again
  • increase the sensations of being alive
  • let tension go completely from your body
  • relax completely, via daily guided relaxation exercises
  • sleep more deeply and awaken refreshed

In the Into the Stretch (ITS) workshop you will stretch every muscle, every nerve, and every bit of fascia in the body. Until you have had this experience you simply cannot imagine the deep state of relaxation that manifests in the body as a result. You will learn and practise solo and partner versions of exercises. Adding to this effect is a daily guided relaxation exercise. Becoming aware of this state of relaxation as you experience it allows it to become a choice in the future.

And then there is the more mundane but still crucially important aspect of simply freeing yourself of pain in the body. Most people experience their bodies as impediments in their life instead of the source of all pleasure. This is as true of athletes as it is of couch potatoes—only the details of the discomfort changes. The most common cause of pain and tension is too much sitting, and not enough of the right movement.

The body is talking to us all the time but it speaks a language we don’t understand or have learned not to listen to—the body speaks in the language of sensation and the right stretching exercises are the best way to decode this foreign language. You will become the world’s expert on you and your life will be different forever as a result.


There are none!

This workshop is suitable for literally everyone, and its practise will enhance all kinds of bodywork, too.

Into the Stretch is the place to start your Stretch Therapy experience!

[Note: ST for Performance is also an entry-point workshop – no prior ST experience necessary. See the full description HERE.]

How do I register?

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I wanted to thank you so much for the magical weekend you shared with us in Singapore. Your teaching style was right up my alley – gentle, encouraging and individualised* and I can’t thank you enough.

In the short week since our workshop, I have seen some great progress. There is still some work to do but I am very happy with the response from my hamstrings to all the attention and love I have been giving them.

* I felt there were a couple of techniques you adopted that helped get to the point of an individualised experience.

The most effective, I felt, was the way in which you stressed each student’s body was different was both comforting and eye opening. Emphasising that each day is different in your stretch journey is a good example and, one of the things you said that made me go “WOW” was when you mentioned that you feel a stretch where you most need it and that it didn’t mean the other muscles weren’t being stretched.

Your teaching was instructive, without being prescriptive, such as when you noted that you don’t need to tell us how far apart to have our feet in our forward bends or squats because our bodies know what works best for us.

It may sound inconsequential but even something as simple as name tags for the students is another thing I think had a positive impact. I can’t speak for the other students but, for me, that you and Olivia addressed me by name made me feel both engaged and valued.

In short, I had an absolutely wonderful time and am so grateful to you and Olivia for coming all the way out and to Hazel [Zhou, principal of the host venue, Aerial Fitness Studio] for introducing me to your work. It is going to last a lifetime.

Nikki –  Singapore, 2016

Heartfelt thanks for a truly wonderful workshop.

Kit’s warmth, humour, and knowledge combined with the attentive care of Olivia, John, and Fred made for a very special experience. I loved every minute.

My gratitude to each of you, for taking the time to answer my many questions so patiently. Your passion and energy is infectious, it is clear that all of you really enjoy what you do (and are very good at it!).

To be honest I did not expect it to be this much fun. I had mentally prepared myself that 2 days of stretching was going to be a gruelling, teeth-grinding, endurance event. Delightfully surprised at how elegant and graceful the experience turned out to be. 🙂

I had so many personal breakthroughs (yaay for the gracilis release!), I have returned from the workshop energised and renewed. You also restored confidence that one does not have to bid good bye to flexibility with age.

Abhijit –  Melbourne, 2015

I am not going to say the Into the Stretch course changed my life: what I will say is what an unbelievable opportunity to grow and learn in an environment that was way way way outside my comfort zone. I would like to thank Kit and Olivia for being incredibly generous with their patience and understanding, especially in regards to me. They are pioneers and world renowned experts in their field, and you can’t help but become better just by being in their presence; they make all their knowledge and understanding of this topic really accessible. If you are a fitness professional and you get the opportunity DO the course and check out the Stretch Therapy website: it will be one of the great resources you have not just for your work but for your lives as well.

Leon –  Brisbane, 2014

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