Overcome Neck & Back Pain Workshop

Overcome Neck & Back Pain (ONBP) is designed for sufferers of neck or back pain.

You will be assessed structurally and functionally, and an individual exercise program will be prescribed and practised – you will go away with a toolbox of techniques you can practise at home.

If you are a practitioner who treats these problems, this workshop will provide an unique opportunity to see the method in action.


Session 1

You will have an opportunity to describe the problem that you have and the treatments you have received for it, in the group situation. (You will be surprised to hear how similar people’s stories are, and how ineffective conventional treatments can be.)

Session 2

All attendees will be individually assessed for any structural causes of their problems, such as actual or functional leg length differences.

Session 3

All attendees will go through the muscle testing protocol. In this session, critical left-right functional differences in your own body will be revealed, and effective treatment exercises taught and practised. By the end of these sessions, you will have a clear understanding of the structural and functional causes of your problems, and the best exercises to treat these. As well, the best exercises for the common problem piriformis syndrome (sciatica caused by a muscle in the hip) will be taught and practised.

The afternoon session will complete the exercises for the lower and middle back. The final sessions will use innovative partner and solo exercises for neck problems, including a floor exercise that stretches the scalenes safely (a cause of thoracic outlet compression syndrome).

Finally – the jaw! The last exercise sequence will help you unlock tight jaw muscles; until you experience this, you will not know how much tension you hold in your face in normal daily life.


If you are unsure whether your problem is suitable for this one-day workshop, please email Kit Laughlin
(kit@stretchtherapy.net) before enrolling.

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I want everyone to know, that here is a way that people can help themselves to a better physical well being – by following the Overcome Neck & Back Pain program. It is just NOT another “back and neck pain book” – Overcome Neck & Back Pain is the only book I have ever read that is made up of common sense, looks at the whole picture of a human being, and how they can help themselves through a regime of stretching.

Most importantly the book puts into words what you have in the back of your mind of what is wrong with you – but every doctor is telling you that “its all in your head” – but you never knew how to express.

I know everyone has different physical problems and require different procedures, but with doctors they will put you into a category without looking at the whole picture.

Helen – Australia

After 12 weeks on the program, I felt I only had a pain rating of 1, if at all. Given the right tools, my back and leg condition has improved dramatically. These exercises have changed my whole life.

Steve – Australia

Kit Laughlin, in his book Overcome Neck & Back Pain, presents rational physiologic and anatomically correct methods for safe and effective stretching. He uses his mastery of Eastern practices such as Yoga, distils their benefits, and combines them with his own highly effective techniques. The results are a series of modern stretching and strengthening exercises which effectively isolate and address all muscle groups. This enables concentrated workouts which can help prevent and overcome painful conditions.

Eric Roter MD
Kaiser Permanente,
Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

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