Stretch and relax yourself to a pain-free you!

Discover easy-to-do stretching exercises, many done in a chair, to quickly overcome lower back pain and sciatica – includes pre-recorded relaxation exercises specific to back pain.

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Did you know?

  • Most recurring low back pain is caused by muscular imbalances.
  • Specific easy-to-learn stretching exercises can dramatically reduce pain while increasing mobility.
  • Adding the relaxation recording exercises supercharges the effects of the stretching.
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No expensive equipment

The entire course can be done using only a chair, a cushion and a belt or strap.

In your own home

Overcome back pain in the privacy of your own home. Watch the easy-to-follow videos on your computer or device.

No complex positions

Kit assumes that you are in pain now, begins at the beginning, and guides you safely.

How long do I need?

Two or three 8–12 minute follow-along sessions a week is all you need. Progress at your own pace.

Learn the gentle stretching and relaxation exercises that will bring your body back into balance — and be pain free.

Kit Laughlin, author of Overcome Neck & Back Pain (now in the 4th edition) and the creator of the Stretch Therapy Method, brings over 30 years of research and experience helping thousands of people overcome their back pain.
Wouldn't you like this, too? Get started now!

Learn the exact stretching exercise your body needs to be pain free.

Included in the Overcome Back Pain Course are 6 follow-along, easily doable programs.


Hips & lower back

Program 1 shows you how to use a chair and your arms to do a supported forward bend for the lower back—this will make your back feel better immediately.



Program 2 uses the chair to teach you an effective piriformis exercise—piriformis is the most common cause of sciatica (look up piriformis syndrome).


Hip flexors

Program 3 focuses on the three hip flexors. These muscles play a critical role in chronic back pain, spinal alignment, and overall well being.


Spinal rotation

Program 4 focuses on whole spine rotation and additional lying piriformis exercises (the lying versions support the lower back completely).



Program 5 teaches the advanced piriformis exercise, and calf stretches. These exercises are especially good for reducing forward-bending pain.


Passive back bend

Program 6 focuses on quadriceps, hamstrings and a passive back bend stretch. By the end of this program you'll be surprised at how supple you've become!

Also includes 14 instructional videos explaining each exercise in detail.


Chair side


Chair forward bend


Chair piriformis


Chair rotation


Cat sequence


Floor seated rotation


Floor hip


Lying hip


Tabletop piriformis


Floor bolster piriformis


Standing calf


Standing quadriceps


Elephant walk


Passive back

Comes with four deep relaxation audio recordings!

Learning how to relax as an actual experience is completely different from the idea of relaxation. These recordings have been used with thousands of people to give them the direct experience of deep relaxation.


All too often, back pain is blamed on the kind of pathology seen on X-rays or scans. While these conditions can cause back pain, the reality is that excessive and unbalanced muscular tension is far more often the cause. This is especially true in recurring low back pain.


  • How to re-balance the muscles that are causing you so much discomfort.
  • How to relax deeply, and how to embody this in daily life.
  • How to identify the “hidden causes” of your back pain.
  • How to alleviate pain, stiffness and improve movement.
  • How to hear and interpret the signals your body is sending you.

This is not a strenuous exercise regimen that is going to leave you frustrated and exhausted. It will take 8–12 minutes, every second or third day, and it will transform your experience of living in your body. Many thousands of people have used these stretching and relaxation programs to overcome their back pain completely.


Kit Laughlin presents rational physiologic and anatomically correct methods for safe and effective stretching. He uses his mastery of Eastern practices such as Yoga, distils their benefits, and combines them with his own highly effective techniques. The results are a series of modern stretching and strengthening exercises which effectively isolate and address all muscle groups. This enables concentrated workouts which can help prevent and overcome painful conditions.

I have personally used Mr. Laughlin’s stretching exercises for a year and they remain a staple of my conditioning routine. I also refer Mr. Laughlin’s books and videos to my own patients in the emergency room, who often present to me with their own end results of years of de-conditioning and neglect.

Eric Roter MD – Kaiser Permanente Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

I had the opportunity to do the first four stretches of your newest program, Overcome Back Pain, this weekend and was completely blown away! I didn’t realize how much tension I was carrying and was incredibly relaxed after just 15 minutes of seated stretches. I went to bed in an already dream-like state and slept better than I have in years. I awoke feeling refreshed, relaxed and more at ease in my body.

I guess I didn’t realize how much more asymmetrical my body had become from carrying around my 25 pound daughter on my right hip. But the craziest thing was, when I looked in the mirror, I looked 10 years younger! Thank you so much for putting this program together, I can’t wait to try the other stretches!

Robin Truxel – tru Pilates, US

Kit Laughlin is the real deal. I had been in pain for 15 years and completely broken for 2 years when I stumbled across Kit's book 7 years ago. I did his course and his stretching combined with a complete lifestyle change have made a huge difference to my life. I've renovated 2 houses surfed all round the world and helped an endless number of people with their pain. Kit took the time to talk to me and give me direction after years of bad advice by the so called best doctors in the business. Thank you Kit.

Ben G. – Melbourne

Very cost effective and gives an opportunity for you to  treat yourself far more effectively than conventional methods.Your stretches work and can be done at your own convenience, no more costly appointments!

Malcolm B. – Australia

OMG. Just did the chair side bend and standing and walking is no longer painful! Pain evaporated. Still tender when I explore full sacral ROM, but utterly different body experience.

You are a sorcerer! Enormous gratitude to you.

Lee T. – Australia

Kit’s OBP is my go-to for clients with back pain and works like a charm! Getting buy-in to the self-care paradigm is the main challenge...once we start the relief is pretty much instant! I feel the common perception is that ‘stretching’ is too simplistic for such a serious ‘medical’ condition. Maybe if I wore a white lab coat that would help!

Manos V. – UK