Deeper Into the Stretch Workshop

Deeper Into the Stretch is the next step after Into the Stretch or ST for Performance, and can be taken at any time after you do your first ST workshop.

What is not obvious to anyone new to the system is that repetition, and increasing intensity, are the keys to any successful stretching program. We created Deeper Into the Stretch (DITS) because so many people have repeated Into the Stretch, or ST for Performance multiple times, and report each time that they learned more than the times before—the system is wide and deep and caters to all body types and levels of function.

One option is to do an Into the Stretch workshop one weekend, and practise by yourself for a while before doing Deeper Into the Stretch. Done this way, DITS will deepen your practise, and give you the opportunity to consult with the presenters about any difficulties you may have encountered in your journey.

And for the total-immersion junkies (you know who you are!) you can do Into the Stretch and follow it immediately with Deeper Into the Stretch.

As well, if you are considering the Stretch Teacher Intensive program, the more exposure you can get to different people’s physical challenges, the better.

On day one, we will revise all the key material presented in Into the Stretch, introducing more difficult versions, or alternative versions of the exercises you learned on Into the Stretch or ST for Performance. Day two will introduce more complex material, including poses that require the elements of Into the Stretch, put together in ways that generate new effects in the body. Everyone will leave with their bodies and their minds stretched effectively!

Past attendees have reported that digesting the material in the second edition of Stretching & Flexibility before the workshop helped the understanding of the material significantly. As well, there are extensive discussions on the Forums.


Prior attendance of an Into the Stretch or ST for Performance workshop, or equivalent class-based Stretch Therapy experience.

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View the workshops schedule to find a Deeper Into the Stretch workshop, then follow the links to register!

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I want to thank you both for a great weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I went with an open mind ready to learn more about stretching. What i didn’t expect was to have my mind completed blown and my understanding of stretching and my body changed completely. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable and settled in my own skin, more appreciative of what my body is capable of, and a sense of being deeply grounded. I feel more connected to myself and more accepting of myself, so for this I am deeply grateful, I feel that you have given my a great gift, one that I will treasure and continue to explore.

Sallie – Brisbane, 2015

Just wanted to send an email to thank you for a wonderful weekend.
I will say to start with that after the weekend i felt like i had been hit by a mac truck. After getting over the fact that my muscles can be redirected from a constant contracted state to a more subtle enlongated sensation i have simply sat in silence and replayed everything in my mind and i am still amazed at how after years of chronic and deliberating pain it was so wonderful to feel free for some time. I will continue to stretch and pass this knowledge onto everyone.
Looking forward to the next course.

Janice – Melbourne, 2015

The immersion in Stretch Therapy was exactly what I needed to ‘reset’ my body, and set the tone for new possibilities in terms of re-entering the world of movement and teaching. As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, I have a specific set of physical challenges to make friends with, and now I have the tools to regain the wide range of movement that my body (and mind) absolutely requires to feel balanced. I have already increased my flexibility, and it is evident in how much looser I feel on a daily basis and how I carry myself. So the new stretching adventure has begun!

Helen – Adelaide, 2014

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