May 11, 2013


The title of my next ‘book’, and the video “What is stretching about, really?”

Just a quick one today, too; time is tight and when on the road, one needs to conform to other’s schedules—especially when you do not have a car and you live on top of ‘North Van’.

The working title of my next ‘book’ (in inverted commas because although it will be available as a Print on Demand (“POD”) form, too) is Stretching for Every Body. But the response to the recent YT video (What is stretching, really?) has been unprecedented; many emails from people I had no idea were even watching the channel (for those who are not familiar with the YouTube channel, it can be found HERE). This link will take you to the video I mentioned, but all the other videos are accessible from here, too.

Because so many people mentioned the significance of the mindfulness aspect of what I talk about, and because I had such a positive reaction from teachers I have worked with in previous years, how does this title grab you?

Mindful stretching

or, would this be better:

Stretching mindfully

And perhaps a subtitle, “Suitable for Every Body”

I will cross-post this on the Forums, too, because there is a larger audience there. I would very much appreciate feedback on this.

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