July 13, 2013


The Single Leg Squat progressions

I have edited and posted the second part of the lower body ‘Monkey Gym Fundamentals’, a project Dave and I have been working on for a couple of years now, ably assisted by Olivia and Merryn Brown, in particular, but the fact is that John Travers, and the newer students/teachers like Simon Thakur and Craig Mallet, have all made their unique contributions—as have the many students themselves.

Please view the video HERE.

Do viewers of Youtube videos look at the descriptions? Here is a précis, and I will repost an expanded version over at the Forums, too:

This excerpt from a recent Monkey Gym workshop shows a combination of techniques (some from Coach Sommer, and one from Steve Maxwell), with a few refinements of our own.

I will be writing a post on the Forums describing ‘sets and reps’ for all elements in the next week or so. In the meantime, watch this video and see how all the movements are approached.

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