January 27, 2014


Stretch Therapy™ Fascial Release technique for pancake/straddle

I have simply copied the description from the YT channel here, to set the scene, and will elaborate over at the Forums.

THIS video shows a Stretch Therapy™ fascial release for the Straddle/Pancake body position, so desired in the men’s gymnastic’s world, the world of dance, and of course Yoga, too (final position of konasana). Well, let’s be honest: we all want to be able to do this pose!

These days many ordinary people are pursuing the sort of strength training that leads to the basic skills shown by men’s gymnastics elite athletes. Many have found that their major limitation in the pursuit of this goal are restrictions in their basic flexibility.

What most people don’t realise is that in some positions we try to make with the body, the limitation to acquiring the movement is fascial adhesions—this term refers to when adjacent muscles (which in this case need to slide along each other as they lengthen at different rates to achieve the final position) are actually stuck together. I am writing about this phenomenon in my forthcoming book, and will put up a few more clips if people are interested. The technique demonstrated in this clip gently separates the two muscle involved and, as a result, Suzy is immediately able to put her chest on the floor with a flat back, having been about eight inches (200mm) off the floor, with her chest testing on a rolled mat, only moment before.

This technique is shown as it happened and so it looks fast. It is even more effective done slowly (a practitioner friend recommends about half the speed I used).

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