May 18, 2013


The 90-day blog challenge and the 50-year test

I am extremely grateful to my friend and colleague Dave Wardman for challenging me to 90 days of continuous blogging. And as an aside let me say I loathe the word “blog”; just why I cannot say. Perhaps it’s the redolence of the word ‘blag’; perhaps it’s simply dis-euphonic—why not e-log, or some other term?

One benefit I have found is that I have trained the Mac OS Siri dictation system to the point where I can dictate most of my posts now. Extremely surprisingly to me is the fact that the Siri system is way more accurate than the most expensive of the specialist software that are designed for this purpose (I worked with both of them, and spent two weeks once trying to train one to the point where the total time involved, dictating and correcting, would be faster than my 25-30wpm error/typo-laden typing, and it failed). Furthermore I am only using the computer’s microphone today. I will be trialling a very light USB microphone board especially for this purpose (dictation) in coming weeks and I will report back in the technology section of this blog.

What I have found has been for me the most important effect of blogging every day is both the new thoughts that emerge on the work that I’m doing while on the road, and the increased precision with which I am able to express what I think it is that I’m doing. This resulted recently in the “What is stretching, really?” video that I’m quite pleased with, and which has had such a wonderful response from my YouTube channel viewers (which now number nearly 2000). Now I suppose that one’s subscribers could be regarded similarly as one’s anonymous “friends” on Facebook: they can only be significant if they are actually learning something from the videos that I make. Presently, with the way that it all works, this is in the lap of the gods.

Having said that, I made a note about this in another post, if there are any videos that you would like to see, please let me know and I will consider it. I do not imagine that I’ll be teaching and presenting for much more than 10 years into the future, if that, and I want to get as much of this information out there in the public domain where it can do as much good as possible.

I have noticed recently a trend for people in my business to try and monetise all exchanges but, for me, when making decisions about this kind of thing I apply the 50 year test: “Who will give a #$%* in 50 years? So far no decision I have had to make about anything has passed this test! I mention this because I have every intention of releasing as much of my material on the free YouTube channel as I possibly can. Having said that, I am knee deep in the technology I need for the next multi-media product; stay tuned.

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