August 16, 2013


“How to get a body like a cat”, and “Becoming a supple leopard”

For many years, I promoted the Posture & Flexibility work we did at the ANU with the tagline, “How to get a body like a cat”. Most people liked the idea, but apart from my nickname (Kitty Kat) and my known fondness for the feline species, I don’t think the idea got the traction it deserved.

Becoming a supple leopard is the title of Kelly Starrett’s book; and I have it. His book is about mobility, rather than flexibility, though in the world of stretching and all the other body work practises we are engaged in, this is a distinction that somehow seems more distinct on paper than in reality; we all do various amounts of these elements, depending on many external and internal circumstances. Both the title and my old classes’ tagline feature cats—and we all know why. No animal embodies the physical qualities we all want better.

So, I have canvassed Stretching mindfully, and Stretching with awareness, and Justin contributed Intelligent Stretch yesterday. I don’t think we are there yet.

Today, I propose a contest: to find the best title for the forthcoming vbook (or DW’s “bookio”). The ‘product’ (I do not like this word, but unless I fall back on “thing”, what are we to call this forthcoming iteration of our work?

To recap, the ‘thing’ will feature embedded videos to learn the exercises; the next ‘page’ will feature three photos and the necessary Cues, and then the “more…” hyperlink to text and illustrations. All exercises will be arranged by function (like forward bending) and from easiest to most intense. It will have many reminders about breathing, how to work with your body, and how to be completely present in your body while engaged in the activity.

I will give the first copy of the new ebook to the person who comes up with the best title, and I will digitally autograph it, too! And you will be acknowledged as the title creator, forever.

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