June 26, 2013


“The new attitude is gratitude”

Now repeat that with a Flavor Flav-style cadence: sounds pretty good, doesn’t it.

This assertion was the last line of an episode of NUMB3RS I watched last night, and I think it worth pondering. We live in a world of self-asserted rights and entitlements; hardly surprising when each of the 7,125,402,658 (and counting) denizens of the planet Earth know him/herself to be the actual centre of the known (and unknown) universe.

Accordingly, I decided to take stock: what am I personally grateful for? First and foremost is breathing; so constitutive of life, so close, yet so ignored. If one pays attention, even with a partial attention, so much else of the experience if life is changed and benefitted thereby. Here comes one (rising); there is goes (falling). So simple, but so profound. So now.

Next (but really at the same time), I am grateful for being alive. And being alive is about relationships as much as it’s about anything, and ours constrain and enable in equal measure. I am grateful for all the relationships that surround me and make me: familial, other species (thinking encatment here and the trees I walk among); and all those we can’t see.

Life is good, and it’s easy to forget this in the insane business that we find ourselves in—thinking here of work, Facebook, Twitter, the too-many Kardashians, live news feeds; endless broadband streams of problems—other people’s problems and, moreover, most of them people we will never meet.

Thank you, sincerely.

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