We have a bunch of great programs for you to listen to! These are organised into two areas, namely ‘Interviews and podcasts‘ and ‘Relaxation scripts‘.

Interviews and podcasts

  • Coffee Shop Conversations #s 1–4 – Kit Laughlin with Dave Wardman
  • more2train.eu – Kit Laughlin with Nick Rabadzhiev
  • Acro Library – Kit Laughlin with Ben Lowrey
  • Propane Fitness Parts 1 and 2 – Kit Laughlin with Yusef Smith
  • Kit Laughlin with Sean Mapoles
  • Living Limitlessly – Kit Laughlin with Marta Taylor
  • Wellrounded Athlete – Kit Laughlin with Justin Goodhart
  • GMB Fitness – Kit Laughlin with Ryan Hurst

Find them all HERE!


Relaxation scripts

Over 50 guided relaxation scripts all recorded live at workshops around the world over the past six years.


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