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Interviews and podcasts

  • The Pilates Klinik – Kit Laughlin with Michael Abbott
  • Ready. Aim. Empire – Olivia Allnutt with Lise Kuecker
  • Propane Fitness Parts 1, 2, and the ‘return’ – Kit Laughlin with Yusef Smith
  • Anchors of Health – Kit Laughlin with Coach Bill Choi
  • Coffee Shop Conversations #s 1–4 – Kit Laughlin with Dave Wardman
  • more2train.eu – Kit Laughlin with Nick Rabadzhiev
  • Acro Library – Kit Laughlin with Ben Lowrey
  • Kit Laughlin with Sean Mapoles
  • Living Limitlessly – Kit Laughlin with Marta Taylor
  • Wellrounded Athlete – Kit Laughlin with Justin Goodhart
  • GMB Fitness – Kit Laughlin with Ryan Hurst

Relaxation recordings

Over 100 guided relaxation scripts! Most were recorded live at workshops around the world over the past eight years, plus there are a number of studio recordings. Enjoy!

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Interviews and podcasts

The Pilates Klinik – Kit Laughlin with Michael Abbott

Download the audio file of The Pilates Klinik (October 2018).

Ready. Aim. Empire! – Olivia Allnutt with Lise Kuecker

Download the audio file of Ready. Aim. Empire! (November 2017).

Propane Fitness – Kit Laughlin with Yusef Smith

Download the audio file of Propane Fitness – The Return of Kit Laughlin (November 2017).

View the time stamped show notes

0:01 Introducing Kit Laughlin, the world’s leading authority on stretching and flexibility and a short preamble on injury and training adaptation.
0:08 How can we overcome the limitations of post-injury tightness caused by fear responses, threat perception and guarding?
0:23 Off-season for the powerlifter, the dangers of year-round spinal loading and the importance of periodisation.
0:35 Diminishing attention spans, instant gratification and unrealistic expectations.
0:59 Training for optimal performance versus training for identity reinforcement and why we should train mindfully rather than obsessively.
1:20 Recommendations for building and enhancing self-awareness.
1:35 Kit’s thought on Stuart McGill’s methodology and ideas.
1:46 What would be best practice to avoid hyper-extension of the knees and joint hypermobility?
1:56 Plantar fasciitis – causes and treatments.
2:04 What is the best way to deal with emotional blocks and the accumulation of tension that manifest in the body?
2:26 What is the minimum effective does for stretching and should stretching be periodised?
2:32 What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to become flexible and tools for getting flexible – what should I buy?
2:45 What is the best exercise for mastering Downward Dog?
3:03 Fitness gurus and other narcissists – why the ego will do anything to defend itself.
3:10 Closing thoughts – Kit on gratitude and the human experience.

Download the audio file of Propane Fitness – Part 2 (November 2016).

View the time stamped show notes

Dr Smith interviews Kit for part two; here are the ‘show notes’ to help you find things that interest you:

00:00: awareness, not strength training (full session later in the program; I will add this detail later)
30:00: why a ’sets and reps’ approach does not work for flexibility
02:00: why you need a little hyperextension in the elbows and knees
03:20: why you can’t convince a skeptic by argument alone
04:15: description of the contract–relax (C–R) approach (using biceps as the example)
06:00: the problem with the distinction between the ‘mind’ and the ‘body’, and “Descartes’ Error”
07:30: anxiety and breathing
09:00: in stretching, you can’t separate the mind and the body
10:15: “If you don’t think you can do it, you will not be able to do it”
11:00: the virtues of single-arm hangs
13:15: “tendons and ligaments have about 1/10 the nutrient supply that muscles get”
14:10: tendon and ligament injuries
15:45: tensegrity structures
16:20: levers and pulleys are an outdated and inaccurate model of living anatomy
16:45: stretching to find out what the body needs
17:20: “when was the last time you felt your clothes on your body?”
20:00: when full tension is necessary, and when it’s not
21:20: “most peoples’ bodies are fighting themselves”
23:20: “we start with good biomechanics”
26:25: improve your sleep
27:00: overtraining
27:45: benefits of being able to relax
28:45: talking specifically to Olympic lifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders
31:10: “when I was a middle-distance runner”
32:00: leg-length differences
38:30: people are ‘mollycoddled’
40:20: immobility is damaging to the body
41:30: lying meditation
46:10: a common fear people have
48:25: the essential stretches
51:45: talking about a Q&A
52:45: concluding remarks
58:20: “our programs are very inexpensive”
1:01:30: end

Download the audio file of Propane Fitness – Part 1 (November 2016).

View the time stamped show notes

In part 1 we cover:

1:40 – Why you should have cat body rather than dog body
9:05 – How your mental attachments can impact you on the physical plane
12:00 – What is stretch therapy?
16:10 – What you can learn from watching someone address an empty bar
20:10 – Back pain
24:30 – ‘Why should you trust a nutritionist who’s in appalling shape’
28:00 – What are the patterns of tension that powerlifters, bodybuilders and lifters experience?
36:30 – Why awareness is critical to injury prevention
42:15 – Acquiring flexibility: why it’s not as simple as programming the sets/reps
47:10 – Gymnastics strength training and the structuring myth. Should a powerlifter be able to hit splits?
49:00 – The reason you can’t hit a full lotus position isn’t because of flexibility
52:00 – On to the HOW – listen to part 2

Anchors of Health – Kit Laughlin with Coach Bill Choi

Download the audio file of Anchors of Health (September 2017).

View the time stamped show notes – includes links to listen in iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher

Coffee Shop Conversations – Kit Laughlin with Dave Wardman

Download the audio file of Coffee Shop Conversation #4 (May 2017).

Download the audio file of Coffee Shop Conversation #3 (August 2015).

Download the audio file of Coffee Shop Conversation #2 (July 2015).

Download the audio file of Coffee Shop Conversation #1 (May 2015).

more2train.eu – Kit Laughlin with Nick Rabadzhiev

Download the audio file of Nick Kushadev (May 2017).

Acro Library – Kit Laughlin with Ben Lowrey

Download the audio file of Acro Library (April 2017).

Kit Laughlin with Sean Mapoles

Download the audio file of Sean Mapoles (March 2016).

Living Limitlessly – Kit Laughlin with Marta Taylor

Download the audio file of Living Limitlessly – Part 1 (July 2015).

Download the audio file of Living Limitlessly – Part 2 (July 2015).

Wellrounded Athlete – Kit Laughlin with Justin Goodhart

Download the audio file of Wellrounded Athlete (July 2014). [Download the transcript.]

GMB Fitness – Kit Laughlin with Ryan Hurst

Download the audio file of GMB Fitness (July 2014).

Relaxation recordings

If you are a beginner to these practises, listen to this short set of instructions first. Download the audio file.

These are the instructions presented to an audience of Trainee Teachers (September 2017 – recorded live in London). Download the audio file.


Studio recordings

Overcome Neck & Back Pain

This recording is the entire Relaxation script from chapter 10 of the book Overcome Neck & Back Pain. The script takes you through the whole body, part by part, to leave you feeling completely relaxed – download.

Stretching & Pregnancy

These are two relaxation scripts from the book Stretching & Pregnancy. One features Jennifer Cristaudo presenting a 15-minute version of Take a break – download. One features Kit Laughlin presenting an 18-minute version of Take a break, with gentle Pacific Ocean sounds in the background – download.

Seated meditations
Sleep preparations

Live recordings

Over 100 guided relaxation scripts all recorded live at workshops around the world over the past eight years. Enjoy!

Mon 20 January 2020: Public class, Oaks Flat, NSW

2019: Greenwell Point, October

Into the Stretch

Deeper Into the Stretch

ST Teacher Intensive Part A

2018: Into the Stretch, Cairns

2018: Greenwell Point, ST Teacher Intensive Part A, October


2018: London, August/September

Into the Stretch – August

Deeper Into the Stretch

Into the Stretch – September

ST Teacher Intensive Part A

2018: Melbourne, June

Into the Stretch

Deeper Into the Stretch

2018: Into the Stretch, Brisbane

2018: Into the Stretch, Adelaide

2018: Into the Stretch, Perth

2017: London, August/September

ST Teacher Intensive Part A

Deeper Into the Stretch

Into the Stretch

2017: Into the Stretch, Singapore

2017: Greenwell Point, Into the Stretch and ST Teacher Intensive Part A

ST Teacher Intensive Part A

Into the Stretch

2017: Into the Stretch, Melbourne

2016: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Malaysia

Two dharma talks from this retreat:

2016: Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Malaysia

The following is a unique collection of the full audio of four exercises sessions Kit presented at BUBS prior to the 45 minute sitting session. Their focus is the first satipatthana (there are four; the first foundation of mindfulness is the body). Kit approaches all the exercises presented from this perspective, and the cueing includes pointers on what to look for in the mind’s reactions to what is happening in the body – what you find might surprise you. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time recordings of this nature have been made public. Each session is about 90-minutes long.

2016: ST Teacher Intensive Part A, Greenwell Point

2015: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Malaysia

2015: Into the Stretch, London

2014: Into the Stretch, Sydney

2014: Touching Awakening, Govinda Valley

  • Day 1 – extended set up
  • Day 1 – first lying relaxation
  • Day 2 – shorter set up
  • Day 2 – finding the elements
  • Day 3 – tracking breathing
  • Day 4 – tracking feeling
  • Day 5 – tracking thought stream
  • Day 6 – clear understanding
  • Govinda Valley ring tone – download and use as your alarm tone!

2014: Into the Stretch, Adelaide

2013: The Four Postures of Meditation, Govinda Valley

2013: Charlottesville

2013: Atlanta

2012: Sydney

2011: Charlottesville

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