Newsletter no. 23 – Monday 15 November, 2021

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 23

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If you have not cultivated a relaxation habit (activities that foster the direct experience of being deeply relaxed while you are awake) you are missing THE most important attribute that a person in the modern work environment can have.

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A note from a Senior ST Teacher

This year has been very demanding and hectic, and I can feel that there is a lot of tension and “heaviness” building up in my body from time to time, to a point where for some particular areas, my ST stretching routine (and some variations) could not have much significant impact.

So 4 months ago, I decided to explore adding Lying Relaxation to my daily routine, once a day in the afternoon, and I am amazed to see some significant improvement in my body! I feel more relaxed, and my muscles are definitely much “softer”, allowing my stretching routine to have greater effect.  And of course my mind is more relaxed, and it acts as a very good “charger”, boosting my energy level up mid-afternoon.  

Lying Relaxation is without a doubt an excellent complement to ST stretching exercises, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone who would like to take their stretching effectiveness to the next level, or to simply have a more relaxed mind and body.

Czon Wong, Hong Kong