Newsletter no. 26 – Monday 20 December, 2021

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 26

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Solo pec. minor stick stretch

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Partner exercises are a feature of the Stretch Therapy system, though there are solo versions of all exercises. The partner stick pec. stretch is absolutely marvellous, but until recently we did not have a solo analogue. Here is the solo version done using two different set-ups. One is a fixed straight bar – we filmed this at a school play area; if you are in a gym with a Smith machine that would work perfectly. The second is Roman rings plus a dowel. The fixed bar is preferable because it is completely controllable and this allows you to relax completely. A key aspect of this exercise, solo or partner, is to feel that your shoulders are being drawn back whilst keeping your arms externally rotated in the shoulder joints – thus, this is a true chest opening exercise.

In addition to the muscles (and, arguably, of more importance), getting in to the final position stretches the entire fascia superficial and deep front arm line – this extends from the mid-line of the chest through to the palmar side of the forearm, down to the tips of the fingers. The large-scale effects on the body are 1) the shoulders sit further back on the rib cage, so more under the ears; 2) the thoracic spine is straightened dynamically, and under load, and 3) standing and sitting posture is improved.

The partner version is available at https://stretchtherapy.net/partner-pec-minor-stick-stretch/.

The Overcome Neck Pain Course
😻 Special launch price AUD $79 available until Christmas Eve 😻

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Learn the gentle stretching and relaxation exercises that will bring your body back into balance – and be pain free.

Included in the Overcome Neck Pain Course are 37 easy-to-do follow along solo exercises. These are arranged in Levels 1–3, and within each level, go from easiest to more intense.

Comes with three deep relaxation audio recordings, tailor made to help you overcome neck pain!

Learning how to relax as an actual experience is completely different from the idea of relaxation. The recordings teach you how to completely relax your face and neck muscles.

This is not a strenuous exercise regimen that is going to leave you frustrated and exhausted. It will take 5–10 minutes, every second or third day, and it will transform your experience of living in your body. Many thousands of people have used these stretching and relaxation programs to overcome their neck pain completely.

A note from a student via the ST website

Kit, not only are have these exercises helped my neck go from tense and tender to relaxed and comfortable, but your good feelings expressed in these videos are contagious!

Cameron J.

A note from Kit and Olivia

Thank you!

It's been a tough couple of years for everyone, and we are not sure whether the old 'normal' will ever return. It reminds us of the core teaching of the Tao: there is only change. We wish that you and yours are well, and are prospering in these difficult times. We thank you sincerely and deeply for your support of Stretch Therapy, and we will continue to support you in any way that we can.

With love,
Kit and Olivia