Newsletter no. 34 – Monday 11 April, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 34


Our apologies if we haven't responded to emails and messages in the past few weeks. As you may have read about, or indeed been impacted by, the east coast of Australia has been experiencing large rain falls and flooding for months. Here at Greenwell Point, we have had unrelenting rain and near 100% humidity – the ideal conditions for mould to develop. We have had to undertake a deep clean of our house; many of you reading this have visited here for workshops over the years and know it's quite a large property, so this process is taking a large amount of our time! Added to this, we have had a small infestation of mice, but that is now controlled – they are quite cute, really, but not so much when they visit inside uninvited 🐭.

If you have been flood-affected, we hope you are okay.

With love
Kit and Olivia

PS: Having reasonably good flexibility has been a benefit for getting into all the small spaces 😻😻😻

PPS: Scroll down to see a most-welcome visitor!


Kit co-presented a Mindfulness Immersed in Body workshop (with Patrick Kearney, dharma teacher and friend – https://patrickkearney.net) in Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary in Malaysia in 2016. Kit led all the lying relaxation sessions on the retreat, and all were recorded. Because the body is central to the meditation project (see especially the Satipatthana Sutta), Kit modelled each session on the dharma presentation and practical sessions Patrick had led earlier in the day. Accordingly, each session builds on the one before, and working through these will give you some of the experience of attending this workshop.

Do please let us know if you are interested in doing more along these lines; Kit used to teach “Deep Well Being” at the Australian National University, and he might be persuaded to reprise this body of work if there’s enough interest.

Find the lying relaxation session recordings on the Relaxation Wiki – https://stretchtherapy.net/relaxation-wiki/. Scroll down to the 'Relaxation Audio Recordings' section of the wiki; at the top of this section, you'll see a 'Start here: Set up instructions for beginners' sub-heading'.

relaxation wiki 1 750x500

If you're new to lying relaxation practice, you may choose to start with this. Clicking on the three dots at far right will reveal an audio file play bar: click on the play icon to listen.

relaxation wiki 2 750x300

The audio recordings are arranged in chronological order, from the most-recent to the oldest. Scroll down 2016 and you'll see the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary 2016:

relaxation wiki 3 750x200

Click on the arrow symbol to find the links to the nine lying relaxation sessions, plus two related talks  – you can download these files if you wish.