Newsletter no. 35 – Monday 25 April, 2022

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Piriformis and its role in sciatica – an article for students

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Piriformis syndrome is described by sufferers as “agonising": often experienced after long periods of driving or sitting, the affected leg feels variously as though it’s gone to sleep, or the leg experiences shooting pains, from the hip to the outside of the calf muscle, and the foot can be affected, too. In its full-blown presentation, piriformis syndrome mimics all the effects (symptoms) of nerve compression caused by intervertebral disc extrusion (the ‘slipped disc’ people talk about). A complicating factor is that many people have benign disk pathology (more on this below) but if you experience sciatica (literally “pain in the sciatic nerve”) and you have an MRI or other test and disc pathology is found, the sciatica very likely will be attributed to it. The problem is that there is a potential biomechanical and muscular problem associated with the hip that can cause these effects, but unfortunately, it is rarely tested for, and accordingly is rarely treated. The good news is that you can identify and treat this yourself—read on!



The Piriformis Syndrome Wiki

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A note from a student

The honesty, precision, and experience that Stretch Therapy offers is simply peerless. In particular, ST explains frankly that a cookie-cutter programs cannot account for the multitude of factors that influence current flexibility and desired flexibility. This is freeing and terrifying at the same time. So many people interested in fitness have been conditioned to follow rigid rules often ignoring their own intuition as the only way to improve a physical quality. I deeply appreciate that sets, reps, and duration are never elevated as a panacea or even optimal for progress. That takes more awareness and exploration of your body and abilities. ST offers a light to follow your own path. The philosophy of ST is also very unique. It is a really offering a journey of self-discovery instead of the hackneyed recipe for instant success.

Tony C., USA