November 14, 2016

PropanePodcast 57 | Interview with Kit Laughlin Part 1


Time stamped show notes

1:40 – Why you should have cat body rather than dog body
9:05 – How your mental attachments can impact you on the physical plane
12:00 – What is stretch therapy?
16:10 – What you can learn from watching someone address an empty bar
20:10 – Back pain
24:30 – ‘Why should you trust a nutritionist who’s in appalling shape’
28:00 – What are the patterns of tension that powerlifters, bodybuilders and lifters experience?
36:30 – Why awareness is critical to injury prevention
42:15 – Acquiring flexibility: why it’s not as simple as programming the sets/reps
47:10 – Gymnastics strength training and the structuring myth. Should a powerlifter be able to hit splits?
49:00 – The reason you can’t hit a full lotus position isn’t because of flexibility
52:00 – On to the HOW – listen to part 2

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