November 20, 2016

PropanePodcast 58 | Interview with Kit Laughlin Part 2


Time stamped show notes

00:00: awareness, not strength training (full session later in the program; I will add this detail later)
30:00: why a ’sets and reps’ approach does not work for flexibility
02:00: why you need a little hyperextension in the elbows and knees
03:20: why you can’t convince a skeptic by argument alone
04:15: description of the contract–relax (C–R) approach (using biceps as the example)
06:00: the problem with the distinction between the ‘mind’ and the ‘body’, and “Descartes’ Error”
07:30: anxiety and breathing
09:00: in stretching, you can’t separate the mind and the body
10:15: “If you don’t think you can do it, you will not be able to do it”
11:00: the virtues of single-arm hangs
13:15: “tendons and ligaments have about 1/10 the nutrient supply that muscles get”
14:10: tendon and ligament injuries
15:45: tensegrity structures
16:20: levers and pulleys are an outdated and inaccurate model of living anatomy
16:45: stretching to find out what the body needs
17:20: “when was the last time you felt your clothes on your body?”
20:00: when full tension is necessary, and when it’s not
21:20: “most peoples’ bodies are fighting themselves”
23:20: “we start with good biomechanics”
26:25: improve your sleep
27:00: overtraining
27:45: benefits of being able to relax
28:45: talking specifically to Olympic lifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders
31:10: “when I was a middle-distance runner”
32:00: leg-length differences
38:30: people are ‘mollycoddled’
40:20: immobility is damaging to the body
41:30: lying meditation
46:10: a common fear people have
48:25: the essential stretches
51:45: talking about a Q&A
52:45: concluding remarks
58:20: “our programs are very inexpensive”
1:01:30: end

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