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2016: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Malaysia

2016: Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Malaysia

The following is a unique collection of the full audio of four exercises sessions Kit presented at BUBS prior to the 45 minute sitting session. Their focus is the first satipatthana (there are four; the first foundation of mindfulness is the body). Kit approaches all the exercises presented from this perspective, and the cueing includes pointers on what to look for in the mind’s reactions to what is happening in the body – what you find might surprise you. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time recordings of this nature have been made public. Each session is about 90-minutes long.

2016: ST Teacher Intensive Part A, Greenwell Point

2015: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Malaysia

2015: Into the Stretch, London

2014: Into the Stretch, Sydney

2014: Touching Awakening, Govinda Valley

  • Day 1 – extended set up
  • Day 1 – first lying relaxation
  • Day 2 – shorter set up
  • Day 2 – finding the elements
  • Day 3 – tracking breathing
  • Day 4 – tracking feeling
  • Day 5 – tracking thought stream
  • Day 6 – clear understanding
  • Govinda Valley ring tone – download and use as your alarm tone!

2014: Into the Stretch, Adelaide

2013: The Four Postures of Meditation, Govinda Valley


2013: Charlottesville

2013: Atlanta

2012: Sydney

2011: Charlottesville

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