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The Hidden Causes of Back Pain

Almost no-one suspects these, and all can be overcome.

Do you have back pain? Or do you suffer sciatica (pain in the hip or leg)? Do you have good days and bad days?

You are not alone: the real causes of your back pain most likely have not been diagnosed accurately. Let me help you to learn how to help yourself. The ebook contains a key exercise for you to practice.

What's included in the ebook

Causes of back pain

The most common causes are patterns of unbalanced muscular tension in key muscle groups and uneven strength in the same groups, and/or particular muscles are too tight to allow relaxed alignment and easy movement.

How lifestyle choices amplify the problem

What do you do most in your daily life? Sitting, for example (driving, or working behind a computer) will affect your body in predictable ways. Even some kinds of exercise can worsen your patterns. 

Stretches as "diagnosis and treatment"

All the exercises we recommend are both diagnosis and treatment. By this, I mean that any stretch can be used as a kind of question for the body: what happens when I try this gently? What does this feel like? is the crucial question to ask yourself. Can the feeling be changed?

Identifying and treating patterns

To start the self-diagnosis process, let’s check your function. “Function”, used this way, is a simple comparison of particular movements that we expect will be more-or-less the same. Key functions in anyone suffering back pain will usually reveal marked differences in range of movement one side to the other.

The Hidden Causes of
Back Pain

By Kit Laughlin

About Kit Laughlin

Kit Laughlin is the Founder of Stretch Therapy, and a world authority in stretching and strengthening techniques. He is the author of the best-selling books Overcome Neck & Back Pain, Stretching & Flexibility, and Stretching & Pregnancy. Kit has presented workshops to many thousands of individuals worldwide. He studied Oriental medicine and Shiatsu for three years in Japan and founded the Shoshin Centre (in Canberra – and presently Greenwell Point – Australia), where he assists clients to overcome pain related to muscular and skeletal asymmetries. He is a 30+ year meditator and has taught meditation workshops in Buddhist monasteries in Asia.