Wednesday 22 November, 2023

– Black Friday sale –
50% off all digital products

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Today we are announcing the “Olivia’s-50th-birthday, just-sold-house-to-move-onto-boat-full-time, plus-we-have-been-ridiculously-busy, Black-Friday-site-wide sale" ... is this the most hyphens you’ve ever seen in one sentence? 🙂

Sale runs until the end of November.

Head to https://stretchtherapy.net/.

Use coupon BF2023 at checkout
to take 50% off ALL digital products.

Use the coupon as many times as you like!

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Find the above Coupon code box at the top of the checkout page.

Type in BF2023 (no spaces) and click the green 'Apply' button to secure the discount 😻

Four video programs:
* Starter Course
* Mastery Course
* Overcome Back Pain Course
* Overcome Neck Pain Course

Kit's three books (PDF versions):
* Overcome Neck & Back Pain (4th ed.)
* Stretching & Flexibility (2nd ed.)
* Stretching & Pregnancy (2nd ed.)

If you have any trouble using the coupon …

Email olivia@stretchtherapy.net. We’ll get back to you ASAP – please allow for time differences (we are in Australia).

A note from a student

Hi Kit & Olivia!

There is no deeper purpose to this message except that I want to thank you for the content you've created over the years, both free and within a purchasable course.

I've found Stretch Therapy multiple years ago, in 2018, but only really picked up my practice in 2019 - and it has been highly valuable for me (the free YT/vimeo videos, the forum posts, and the beginner series + master the squat, which I've purchased). Combining an explorative, gentle approach to stretching with a focus on relaxation was very helpful, and I think has helped me be looser, more relaxed, and less prone to injury. It also revealed a depth of bodily experience that I did not think was possible before, and the feeling that there's a vast space to be explored there.

While my practice varies in intensity, I've stuck with some form of Stretch Therapy-inspired work nearly daily, at least the daily 5+1 stretches.

A bit more abstractly, I think the relaxation meditations were the beginning of a deepening of my meditation practice, which has blossomed over the past year (using a very gentle, non-pushy samadhi practice focused on the breath) and has been very rewarding as well!

So, my bottom line after this rambling text: Thank you for producing this content and sharing your insights, it meant (and means) a lot to me!

Moritz Boos – via email