Newsletter no. 40 – Monday 1 August, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 40


Relieve tension: neck, middle back, and abdomen

remove tension–1360x650

Do you hold tension in your neck, middle back, and/or abdomen? Who doesn’t, right? 😻 In this video Olivia guides you through a sequence of positions and movements that help her to relieve tension in these parts of her body.

The main positions are the standing forward bend, the full squat, the lunge, and lying face up. For the forward bend and squat positions, if you prefer, by all means do these parts while sitting on a chair.

Each of these fundamental positions will be familiar to many of you. The variety of movements shown are a result of Olivia exploring and playing with the basic positions, and feeling how often subtle changes in position change the feeling. We strongly encourage you to explore in this way – it is the path to finding out precisely what your body needs.

We need tech support for the ST website

In November 2020 we launched a new ST website. Presently, we have no reliable tech support. The site is built in Thrive Themes  and utilises a number of additional softwares. If you or anyone you know is able to provide ST with technical support, please contact us at info@stretchtherapy.net. Ideally, that person would be based in Australia, or a country in a very similar time zone.

A note from a student

Hi Olivia. I attended two of Kit's Into the Stretch workshops in Brisbane some years ago and have loved including this work in my yoga classes. It was great to watch this video and refresh some of that work. I love your presentation - clear instructions, perfect pace. Much gratitude.

Gerry H., Australia – via the ST website