August 1, 2022

Relieve tension: neck, middle back, and abdomen


Do you hold tension in your neck, middle back, and/or abdomen? Who doesn’t, right? 😻 In this video Olivia guides you through a sequence of positions and movements that help her to relieve tension in these parts of her body.

The main positions are the standing forward bend, the full squat, the lunge, and lying face up. For the forward bend and squat positions, if you prefer, by all means do these parts while sitting on a chair.

Each of these fundamental positions will be familiar to many of you. The variety of movements shown are a result of Olivia exploring and playing with the basic positions, and feeling how often subtle changes in position change the feeling. We strongly encourage you to explore in this way – it is the path to finding out precisely what your body needs.

Audio file of the full class

  • Always Happy to try your great stretches. They have helped me so much with my spinal stenosis and spine health. I am so glad my son James, recommended (actually insisted) that I follow your wonderful therapy.

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