April 26, 2023

Upper body mobilising/limbering sequence


Mobilising, or limbering as the dance world would label it, can leave the body feeling absolutely magnificent, in particular the joints. It can also be used as a ‘warm-up’, or our preferred term ‘preparation' for a stretching session. This video explores the upper body (see contents below).

This is the first part of a longer session we shot live on a 2016 workshop in the Monkey Gym at ST HQ in Greenwell Point, and this shows you a variety of bodies doing the movements.


- Head and neck in all planes
- Side bending
- Shoulder girdle, moving to whole body
- Elbows and wrists
- Pelvic positioning (essential to understanding how to use the ST system)
- Whole body twisting and circles

The goal of moving from "merely" flexible to relaxed and supple has been discussed in detail on the ST Community Forums at kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/789-muscle-tension-and-flexibility/#comment-7591

  • Is the video available for the longer version? Thank you.
    2016 workshop in the Monkey Gym at ST HQ in Greenwell Point

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