March 8, 2023

Standing table hip flexor stretch


Olivia guides you through a standing table hip flexor stretch. First, a full demonstration of the exercise. Second, a detailed explanation of key elements of the stretch, which highlight important features of the Stretch Therapy system.

In this demonstration, no contractions were included. Any of the usual contractions can, of course, be added – attempt to drag the back leg forward, for example. You may, however, find it reasonably difficult to breathe comfortably in this stretch, in particular to relaxedly exhale and really relax further into the stretch. If you do, we suggest moving slowly through the exercise and focus on breathing and relaxing, and work to make this a long-held exercise, which can be of similar intensity to a shorter version which incorporates contractions.

A note from Kit. When he was learning this exercise it was the repeated re-tucking of the tail that was key for his body – you may find this is the case in your body, too.

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