Newsletter no. 22 – Monday 1 November, 2021

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 22

The ST Relaxation Wiki is live!

For most people, 'relaxation' is a concept or an idea, rather than a regular experience. Being tense (the opposite of relaxed) is simply a habit though, learned unconsciously by bumping into aspects of 'life', that great story we are all involved in.

By developing a new habit, the habit of being deeply relaxed and present in the lived sensations of being a human being, with soft muscles and no experience of tension in the mind and the body, huge new opportunities open: immediately sleep improves, health improves, relationships improve, and you find yourself happier, no matter what's going on.

Being able to relax fully is essential to being able to feel what's going on inside your body. This helps with stretching of course, but has many deeper implications.

The Relaxation Wiki will show you how to experience deep relaxation. It includes over 100 free guided relaxation audio recordings, and many in-depth articles.

A note from a student

I tried the Spinal Movements Follow Along class on with Olivia and really loved it. In particular I like how breath was used consciously to relax different body parts (always used it that way during meditation to relax my body), that the body is actually kept in a state of relaxation while stretching (doesn't try to train strength at the same time like e.g. yoga), that PNF techniques were incorporated (so effective!), and the postural cues are very helpful too!

Bob H., United States


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