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The Pancake: reflections on mastering the essential anterior pelvic tilt

By Olivia Allnutt – 18 July, 2018

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The ‘Pancake’ is an exemplar exercise in flexibility, and much strived for. It involves sitting on the floor with legs spread wide, then bending forward and placing the torso flat on the floor – pubic bone/abdomen/ribs/chest/arms, in that order – via flexion at the hip, not of the spine. An essential component of the pancake is anterior pelvic tilt. It is this aspect that many, many people struggle to master, even people who are relatively flexible in the other muscles involved in the movement, so hamstrings, adductors, etc.

In this post, I take you through ways to develop the capacity to roll the pelvis anteriorly. Read the full article.


Pancake moving sequence

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In this sequence, shot live at an ST workshop, Olivia explores a variety of techniques to learn how to feel how to actively move the pelvis – “actively” means using muscles in the hips and the groin to do the movement, rather than bending in the back, or pulling on your legs with your arms.

The main mistake people make is they get into their best pancake first, before trying to move the pelvis – and then, because they're in the stretch (and everything is under tension), they find they can't move the pelvis at all. The secret is to back off out of the end position and feel how to move the pelvis when things are more relaxed. Counterintuitive, perhaps – but it works.

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course overview starter course

If you are new to pancakes, the Starter Course includes Kit's preferred alternative preparation exercise: standing legs apart and bent-leg Cossack exercises, as well as a floor (seated) legs-apart introductory sequence.

mastery course overview

The Mastery Course contains a module "Master the Pancake". The whole point of the format of the Mastery Course is to find out what are the tight lines in your body – because these are what are stopping you doing the full pose – and working on these is the most efficient use of your time.

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A note from a student

Thanks for all that you do. The information and perspectives you have shared has resonated in profound ways. I have learned so much, and I look forward to future content.

Shawn-Lyn C., United States