Newsletter no. 29 – Monday 31 January, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 29


Kit Laughlin presents a free, one-hour, Beginner-level Stretch Therapy class


Today's class would be part of a mid-term Beginner's course (so, week 7, let's say, out of 14) in the way we used to run them over the 27 years we taught at the Australian National University. In other words, the basics are assumed; the student's connection to the sensations in the body becoming more coherent; and  the use of contractions to loosen tight parts.

The class begins with really efficient hamstring and hip flexor stretches, each using two different contractions, and because we fold up the back leg in this version, quadriceps are also given a direct stretch.

Next is a floor quadriceps stretch, also with two contractions, and a novel way of stretching quadriceps but without extending the lower back is shown.

This is followed by two side bends. Ideal spinal positioning is suggested.

Then we move to the wall, and the pectoralis major ("pec. major") and biceps brachii ("biceps") stretches are shown, each with their contractions.

The last exercise on the wall is the cat stretch, and its contraction is explained, too.

The 16 minute relaxation segment ends the class. The audio of the relaxation part of the class is available free from:


In case you missed them ... the two classes we released in January

One: Kit's Beginner class 'The Three Necks' at https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-beginner-level-class-the-three-necks/.
Two: Olivia's Intermediate class at https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-intermediate-level-class/.

About Kit's T-shirts

Many of you have asked where Kit gets his T-shirts from. They are all painted/drawn by Jim MacAirt, a close friend and a gifted artist and tattooist. All of Liv's and Kit’s tattoos are MacAirt originals!

Jim used to be a Buddhist monk; here is his description for the T-shirt Kit wore for the first Beginner’s class:

kit in jim t shirt

"This is from the painting 'Zen Tv'
The punk in me wanted to deviate from the round 'Ensö' and this was born.
We are mesmerized with our phones, ipads and widescreen TVs. I see that we are trapped in devices.
Where are we living our lives, how is it affecting our minds or our wellbeing—
Is this our 'Zen Tv’”

We think, ‘Yes!”.

All of Jim’s currently available T-shirts can be ordered here: https://zennotzen.bigcartel.com/.

This is Jim’s IG channel: https://www.instagram.com/zen_not_zen/?hl=en.

Notes from ST students

These were in response to Kit's 'The Three Necks' class

Kit & Olivia, this was absolutely sensational!  My body felt like butter during the lying relaxation.  I like this idea of simply exploring.  I have tended to follow the stretches in the past exactly as per the directions, however exploring makes much more sense and feels wonderful!

FRAC, via YouTube

Was lovely thanks Kit. Feel asleep in the relaxation at the end.

Belinda Cunningham, via the ST website

It took me nearly a month before managing to carve the time for this practice, but how lovely, the wait was worth it and your voice is ever so soothing. Thank you for this free full length practice, looking forward to give a go at Olivia's practice next!

Céline Meye, via YouTube