Newsletter no. 36 – Monday 9 May, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 36

Do you have neck pain? Stretch Therapy can help you!

The causes of neck pain are many and varied. For example, strongly right- or left-handed people usually hold more tension in the neck muscles on the dominant side – this additional tension can be painful at times. Or if you play an asymmetrical sport like golf, where the rotational power of the body is only used in one direction, you can be sure that your left-right flexibility and tension patterns will be different – this can set you up for neck pain. Or if you spend too much time at the computer (or the tablet) you can be certain that you will be holding too much tension in your neck muscles. We all know this!

With most neck pain, though, gentle stretching exercises combined with a daily focused relaxation practice can work wonders. Kit recorded a new neck and face relaxation exercise this morning that will only take you a bit over 12 minutes to do. A good way to use this is to alternate this script (which only addresses neck and face tension) with one of the whole-body recordings each practice session. Try the new recording and please do let us know if it is effective for you. Today’s newsletter showcases three videos that will give you a good idea of how Stretch Therapy approaches this problem; the first demonstrates a beginner’s exercise; the second is a RollStretch technique to release the muscles at the base of the skull; and, the third is a more advanced sequence to stretch the neck muscles. If you are not sure which you should do, start with the beginner’s one.

It is worth repeating that using the relaxation exercises daily, and the stretching exercises two or three times a week, can transform your experience of this extremely common problem. If you like the effects, please do let us know. And we do offer an in depth course, too, called Overcome Neck Pain. And chapter eleven of the book, Overcome Neck & Back Pain, addresses the causes of these problems in detail, if you want further reading.

Listen and relax 😻


Easy-to-do effective neck stretches | flexion and extension (perfect for computer and phone users)

video one

RollStretch techniques for releasing sub-occipitals and back of the skull

video two

A complete sequence for stretching your neck muscles

video three

A note from a student

I wanted to reach out to let you know of a profound change from the neck pain course. I've had pretty intense ear pain, sometimes in my ear and sometimes around the outside of my ear for a few years. It can be so painful that I have a hard time sleeping (I'm a side sleeper). The sub-occipital massage changed things drastically (level 1 lesson 10) ... the ear pain is now around a 1–2 where it has recently been as high as a 9. I looked around for quite awhile online and didn't find anything that helped till your series. Really happy I ran across these offerings and looking forward to developing well being after years of a desk job taking its toll.


David Z., USA – via email

The Overcome Neck Pain Course and Kit's book Overcome Neck & Back Pain